ABOUT THE King James Revision-2011

The King James Revision-2011 is not a new translation from the original text, however, it is more than just a surface revision, it is a very thorough revision of the King James Version.

Although the language has been revised, the punctuation has for the most part not been changed. There is a reason for this. Unlike modern punctuation, the punctuation of the KJV was intended to divide the text for oral reading, not interpret it.

If you ever hear a recording of the speech that General MacArthur gave at the end of World War 2 (when the peace treaty with Japan was signed) notice how that each statement was followed by a measured pause. The many commas, semi-colons, and colons in the KJV were intended to provide those measured pauses (for oral reading). Once this is understood, I think that punctuation will be better appreciated.

As to what is taught, the words, "we have not written anything to you, other than what you read" tell us that the only doctrine that God wants us to teach is clearly and explicitly stated in Scripture (2Corinthians 1:13). Therefore, "The first and foremost duty of the exegete consists in holding the flighty spirit of man to the simple word of Scripture and, where he has departed from it, to lead him back to the simple word of Scripture." ["Christian Dogmatics", Francis Pieper, Vol. 1, page 360]


In Memory of William Tyndale