I believe that the canonical books of Holy Scripture, although written by men are of divine origin and nature; that they are the intrinsic Word of God with the same divine authority as words written by the finger of God Himself.

          I believe that the purpose of Holy Scriptures is to reveal Godís plan of redemption for mankind through Jesus Christ.

          I believe that since all other portions of His Word are to support the Gospel, they contain no errors or contradictions and that they are in all their parts and words infallible Ė absolute truth (this includes authorship, history, geography, and other secular matters). Amen



I believe that Scripture explains itself.

I believe that every sentence in the Bible has a meaning; that Holy Writ does not contain phrases which say nothing

I believe that the meaning intended by the Holy Spirit is that which is demanded by the text and context.

I believe that a Scripture text can have but one divinely intended sense and meaning; that the Bible does not allow a two or even four-fold sense as some theologians have dreamed.

I believe that Scripture must be taken at face value; that it is to be understood as it reads, and that we may only depart from the first, literal meaning of a word and sentence when the context or the totality of Scripture forces us to do so.

I believe that Scripture either explains itself immediately (that the interpretation sometimes follows right upon a statement which has been made) or through parallel passages which speak of the same matter, or through the analogy of faith, which is the sum-total of all other clear passages of Scripture Ė the complete body of doctrine.

I believe that since God is the real author of the Bible, the matter is settled when He has spoken on any subject.

I believe that God breathed every thought and word of Scripture into the hearts and minds of its human writers; that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost do not err, and therefore the explanation given by the Godhead is always right and final.