America’s Taxpayer Financed Religion



A call to Repentance by

Gary Ray Branscome



“Now the Spirit specifically says that in the future some will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.”

(1Timothy 4:1)


The idea that God wants government to be inclusive of all religions, or religiously neutral, is straight out of hell. Just because God does not want His people to rebel against the government, or use governmental force to further the Gospel, does not mean that He wants us to idly sit by and allow a satanic clique to use the power and resources of our government to promote doctrines of devils.

When Martin Luther called for separation of church and state he was speaking out against church officials who were leading armies and sentencing people to death. When John Bunyan called for separation of church and state he was speaking out against governmental control of the church. However, neither of them wanted the government to ignore, or legislate contrary to, the Ten Commandments.

The idea that our government, or any government, can be religiously neutral is absurd. Laws allowing abortion are just as “religious” as laws forbidding it. Laws promoting homosexuality are just as religious as laws forbidding it. If they were not religious they would not contradict our religious beliefs. And, God has plainly told us that He wants rulers to be bound by the Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 17:18-19).


"Natural law is the Ten Commandments. It is written on the heart of every human being by creation. It was clearly and comprehensively put on Mount Sinai, finer indeed than any philosopher has ever stated it. Natural law then is created and written in the heart; it does not come from men but is a created law to which everyone who hears it cannot but consent" Martin Luther. (Plass, WHAT LUTHER SAYS 772-73; Weimar 49 1f.)


          The satanic belief that the Ten Commandments have no place in the halls of government is a doctrine of devils straight out of hell. And, the satanic fruit of that doctrine is destroying our society. In the name of religious neutrality children are being taught, in taxpayer supported schools, how to commit adultery without getting a girl pregnant. And, that it is morally acceptable for a girl to kill her unborn baby. As a result, over sixty million babies have now been killed in the United States alone. Killed by government licensed agents, agents who commit crimes made legal by legislation that rejects the Ten Commandments. Where I say, where are America’s churches? Why are they not speaking out against such atrocities the way John the Baptist spoke out against the sins of Herod? In many cases they are so intent on looking for a future antichrist that they ignore the many antichrists in the halls of congress, in government schools, or on our Supreme Court (1John 2:18, 22). At the same time they are paralyzed by the cliché “separation of church and state,” while being oblivious to the fact that that cliché today means almost the opposite of what it originally meant.

Less than one-hundred years ago, the great evangelist Dr. Walter A. Maier said, “The use of textbooks designed to teach children theories concerning the origin of life diametrically opposed to the plain teachings of the very first pages of the Bible not only constitutes a violation of that eminently American principle which separates the Church from the State and prohibits the teacher from interfering with the religious life of the pupil, but is also a major menace to our national welfare, a death-blow to the spiritual life of many children. (From the sermon “All Life From God” 1937, that appears in the book The Cross From Coast to Coast, pg 79)


          Tax supported schools and universities are free to teach doctrines of devils, doctrines which contradict the Bible and lead children away from God’s Word. But they are forbidden to present even the scientific evidence that exposes those doctrines as false. God wants parents to control the education of their children, not bureaucrats (Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:12).

          Sigmund Freud described himself as a “God hating Jew”. And, his system of psychoanalysis deals with guilt by training people to harden their hearts. Oh he used a lot of scientific sounding jargon to mesmerize the gullible, but it all boils down to justifying sin. He called self-will and lust the “Id”. He called the conscience and all instruction by parents, the church and society that reinforces the conscience the “super-ego”. And, he called the mind of the individual the “ego”. If a person who had committed adultery, and was troubled by guilt, came to him; instead of urging them to repent while pointing them to Christ, he advised them to keep on sinning until it did not bother them anymore. The Bible calls that, hardening the heart. When Amanda Knox was in the news, it came out that she felt uncomfortable having casual sex. However, her friends coaxed her to do it, and when it bothered her told her to keep doing it until it no longer bothered her. That is exactly what Freud advised. But that sort of advice is straight out of hell (a doctrine of devils) and those who promote it are agents of Satan.


          A president who passionately argued on the floor of the senate in favor of partial-birth abortion, promoted same–sex “marriage,” and tried to force the states to allow sex-perverts to use the same bathrooms as little girls was promoting doctrines of devils, and is, therefore, an agent of Satan.

          Supreme Court justices who rule against all that is right and good, who rule in favor of allowing doctors to kill babies, or in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry are promoting doctrines of devils, and are, therefore, agents of Satan.

          Church leaders who throw God’s Word aside and grovel before the world, condoning same-sex “marriage” and even allowing unrepentant homosexuals to pastor a church are promoting doctrines of devils, and are therefore agents of Satan.

          Professors and teachers who lie to students, telling them that the earth is billions of years old, that life came from non-life all by itself in a warm little pond, or that all of the life forms on earth have evolved from single-celled creatures are promoting doctrines of devils, and are, therefore, agents of Satan.

          Men who work hard to convince Christian schools and seminaries to accept evolution and billions of years, while twisting the Bible to agree with such nonsense, are promoting doctrines of devils, and are therefore antichrists and agents of Satan.


          Our tax-supported universities are free to offer classes on the Bible, as long as the textbooks assume that the Bible is not inspired by God, and portray what it says as primitive superstition. I have seen, and looked through such textbooks. However, those same universities are not free to offer classes that agree with what the Bible says. Professors are free to ridicule the Bible, but they are not free to urge people to believe it. In other words, our government allows doctrines of devils to be taught, but not the Word of God.

          More than once, I have heard parents say that they tried to train their children up in the way they should go only to have them turn away from the faith. To that I reply, “How can you say that you have trained your children up in the way they should go when you have allowed others to fill their young impressionable minds with doctrines of devils? At the time of Christ it was the job of the rabbi to teach the children how to read and do math; and then to teach them the Bible, the history of their people, what various scholars believed, and the traditions of the elders. At that time, education was the job of the church, not the state! In our nation we have allowed the state to take over that role of the church in the name of keeping church and state separate. How blind can we get?




          As I look with dismay at America’s floundering churches I can only wonder if God is “spewing” them out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16). Church membership declines as doctrines of devils take their toll of our youth. I long to see a nationwide return to faith, but I do not see it happening. I do see hope in the work of Answers in Genesis, Ark Encounter and other similar Creationist organizations. However, many churches continue to decline, and will very likely continue to do so as long as the power and resources of our government are being used to promote doctrines of devils.  

May God bless America!