Because the shrill advocates of abortion have been butchering babies for over forty years, there came a time several years ago when I started referring to them as female Nazis. Shortly after I started to use that term, I began to hear of a noted radio and TV personality who was using an almost identical term, “feminazi.” I point this out in order to emphasize the fact that we both arrived at those terms independently, and we did so because there is an objective parallel between feminism (or liberalism) and Nazism. The purpose of this essay is point out some of the similarities.


    Many feminists are openly hostile to the masculine God who has revealed Himself to mankind in the pages of Holy Writ. Those who fit that description not only reject His authority but also defy Him by arrogantly advocating witchcraft and goddess worship as an alternative to Christianity. Some of them have even gone so far as to demand that the Bible be revised to make it more compatible with their opinions, and, sadly, some pulpit-traitors are spineless enough to go along with their demands. In fact, Hilary Clinton once attended a church service in which the sermon was titled “The Motherhood of God.” That emphasis on the occult is something feminism shares with Nazism.

    The roots of Nazi philosophy go back to Helena Blavatsky, a nineteenth century spiritist medium who taught that there were five root races. According to her bizarre philosophy, an “Astral race” consisted of spirit beings, a “Lemurian race” had bred with animals, and the “Aryan race” was the hope of the future. [Actually “Aryan” is simply the ancient name of the people now living in northern India and Iran.] A German follower of Blavatsky (by the name of Von List) then took her philosophy one step further by claiming that the Aryan bloodline was better preserved in the German people than in any other group, and by telling his followers that if the Germans realized their strength they could be gods, not men. [The informed reader will here note a similarity to Mormonism, which also has occult connections.] In addition, Von List claimed that Christianity had forced the true religion of the Aryan people underground where it had been preserved by Masons, Rosicrucians, and other occult groups. Hitler then combined that occult philosophy with evolution to create a racist ideology.


    Some feminist leaders openly promote homosexuality (lesbianism) as a way for women to “free” themselves from any need for men, while, at the same time, urging women who desire children to use artificial insemination so they can conceive out of wedlock without any male attachments. [Look at what the Bible says about that in Romans 1:26.] That blatant disregard for biblical morality has a clear parallel in the breeding program instituted by Hitler. His program urged members of the league of German maidens (women chosen on the basis of race) to have sexual intercourse with members of the SS (men chosen on the basis of race) in order to increase the number of Germanic births.


    Another thing that Nazis and feminists have in common is the use of lies to advance their cause, one of the biggest being the claim that women were held down and oppressed before feminism came along. Actually, before feminism began to influence our culture men were expected to treat women with kindness, to help them, protect them, and to curb their language when speaking with them. In contrast, feminism has produced men who see women only as sex objects, men who feel no commitment to the women they use for sexual gratification, and no responsibility to care for the children they produce. Today there is more rape, more sexual abuse of young girls and more divorce then ever before.

    Another lie, is the claim that before feminism came along women were forced to work for lower wages than men. While there were companies that offered women less for doing certain jobs (largely because they expected them to do less) that was by no means universal. Women who worked for companies that had a high wage scale actually earned more than men who did similar work for a company that paid less. In companies that scaled the wages according to seniority, women with high seniority often wound up earning more than men who were doing the same work but had less seniority. Furthermore, before feminism came along it was much easier for a woman to start a business than it is now, and there were women doctors, lawyers, and judges etc.. Feminists also conveniently forget the fact that most of the jobs available today were created by men who were willing to work long and hard to provide for their wives and children. And, most wives appreciated the fact that they did not have to seek employment outside the home.

    Darwinian evolution is another lie! Just as the Nazis used that lie to sell their racist ideology, the feminists use it to bolster their claim that the traditional roles of men and women were imposed upon women by men. However, if that was actually the case, why was it the men who shouldered all of the hard, dirty, or unpleasant jobs? It was the men, not the women, who chopped down trees, labored long hours under a hot sun, shoveled manure out of the barns, cleaned out outhouses, built cabins, and dug wells. That certainly does not sound like oppression to me, and I believe that any honest person will admit that it was not oppression. On the contrary, out of a kindness that was rooted in Christian love women were protected from danger and allowed to take the lighter tasks. While the situation was quite different for women living in a non-Christian environment, in homes where Christ reigned husbands and wives worked together as a team.

    It is the feminists who belittle femininity, and use the cliché “barefoot and pregnant” to denigrate the role of a wife and homemaker. And, it is the feminists who ridicule the women who prefer that role.


    While I have already mentioned the millions of babies that have died at the hands of feminists, there is glaring parallel between the views of feminist leader and abortion advocate Margaret Sanger, and the views of Adolf Hitler. In fact, when it came to race and eugenics, their ideology was virtually identical. Margaret Sanger openly promoted abortion as means of reducing the number of babies born to those she regarded as racially inferior, and when Germany legalized abortion (during the 1920s) she urged Americans to follow their example. Nevertheless, history testifies to the fact that it was only a short step from killing babies thought to be genetically inferior, to killing members of racial groups thought to be genetically inferior.


    Feminist ideology leans heavily on egalitarianism, even though that philosophy leads to absurdity. For, once we assume that all differences between people are unfair, those differences can only be eradicated by the worst sort of tyranny. It was that sort of tyranny that produced the French reign of terror. And, in their zeal to make everyone equal, the shrill advocates of it always wind up reducing everyone (except their leaders) to the level of poverty and starvation.

    The glaring difference between egalitarianism and the equality mentioned in the American Declaration of Independence lies in the fact that the Declaration of Independence is talking about equality before God, and thus before the law. That sort of equality has nothing to do with equality of rank, role, intellect, or financial status. And, contrary to feminist claims, the fact that the word “men” in the phrase “all men are created equal” is a reference to both men and women, is proof that we regard women as equal to men.

    Feminists who portray women’s suffrage as a victory over male oppression are distorting the facts. To hear them talk, you would think that men always had the right to vote, however, that is simply not true. In fact, it was not until 1830 that men who were not landowners got the right to vote. Before that time, the vote was withheld from non-landowners [merchants] because, during the war of independence they were more eager to sell to the British, than to help the struggling American army. Furthermore, not having a vote did not make women inferior, anymore than the fact that most men cannot cast a vote in congress makes men inferior. In other words, the fact that I cannot vote in Congress does not make me inferior to my Congressman.

    Finally, only someone bereft of their senses could believe that they were helping women by forcing them into combat.


    It is time for all of the men who really love their wives and daughters to rise up and call a halt to the feminist stupidity that assumes that equality can only be realized by denying the physical, psychological, and emotional differences between men and women. Or, by pursuing a course that will only lead to women being blinded, crippled, and maimed by combat. That sort of foolishness has gone on long enough, and it is time to let the loud-mouthed feminazis know that they do not represent the majority of women in this country, and that real men are not about to give their wives and daughters over to their evil plans.