A Sermon by

Dr. Walter A. Maier

“The Dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Saint Luke 1:78,79.

CHRIST, THOU LIGHT OF THE WORLD: In an age of deep darkness we plead with Thee, Thou “Light to lighten the Gentiles”: With the radiance of Thy redeeming love banish the darkness with which sin has enshrouded our lives!! Without Thee we cannot find the way to heaven, know the truth of Thy redemption, nor obtain life everlasting! Therefore we contritely confess the evil in our souls which would separate us from Thee and send us to hell. Humbly we beseech Thee, who in the fullness of time and with the fullness of mercy wast born in Bethlehem for our salvation, to illumine our hearts as “the Dayspring from on high,” that we may love Thee with increasing loyalty and sincerer devotion as our Savior and eternal Advocate! Give Thyself to the sick and suffering, the forsaken and forlorn, the burdened and bereaved! By Thy Spirit’s indwelling, help them this Christmas season to cling closely to Thee for joy, courage, and victory! Remember the many millions suffering from selfish global strife! Guide the President, the Congress, and every official in authority to follow the paths which lead to truth and a God-pleasing peace! Thou art our Lord, our Savior, our King, our Friend, our heavenly Helper. Hear us, then, and help us for Thy name’s sake! Amen!

One busy, overcrowded week still remains before the anniversary of our Savior’s birth dawns on a blood-soaked world—seven days of buying and selling, wrapping and unwrapping, giving and receiving, planning and replanning, a week that will probably mark the nation’s all-time high in sales, with newspaper and magazine advertisements displaying $98 nightgowns, $245 porcelain monkey figures eight inches high, $19,000 mink coats. While our soldiers are caked in mud and ice as they struggle through European blizzards or battle filth and vermin in the tropics, comfortable unconcerned Americans eat $12 holiday dinners, drink $20 holiday whisky, and complain about the scarcity of holiday cigarettes.

    While Americans will give costlier gifts then ever before, this fourth wartime Christmas will not be the happiest for many. Eight-five million packages have been sent to our fighting forces overseas, but you know that our men would gladly forego all these remembrances if only they could spend next Sunday and Monday with their dear ones at home. Money cannot buy real joy, even during this festive season. A few days ago a Saint Louis newspaper discovered a millionaire who for almost six years had lived as a hermit in one of our city’s fashionable hotels. During all this time he never answered his telephone, opened the door when a visitor knocked, spoke to the maid who cleans his room or to the waiters who bring his food. Such people cannot have a smattering of the Christmas happiness which faith brings a hard-pressed white-collar worker. Besides, many homes of wealth are beset by sin, burdened by pain, cursed by quarreling.

    If only they were ready to accept God’s Christmas Remembrance the most marvelous and magnificent Gift even heaven knows! History tells us of some costly presents in the past. In 1522 Charles V of Germany received the most expensive piece of baked goods ever produced. The Emperor had borrowed about a million dollars from Jacob Fugger, the international banker, who on Christmas day placed the canceled note in an immense Yuletide pie. With a single gulp Charles swallowed the note, and the indebtedness was wiped out for all time. Every believer, however, has a far more remarkable receipt of canceled liabilities when he worships the Child at Bethlehem as God incarnate, the Redeemer of the world, and the Rescuer of his soul.

    If the pile of your Christmas packages is smaller this year then usual; indeed, if, as friends forget you, there is no pile, you can have a remembrance in comparison with which all jewels, bonds, expensive furs, costly clothing holiday bonuses are but as dust and ashes. Therefore, with your eyes directed even now to Bethlehem, take reverent time, under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, for preparing your hearts for


the Savior’s light and the Savior’s peace, as promised by the pledge of our text (Saint Luke, chapter one, verses seventy-eight and seventy-nine): “The Dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them
that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”


    These strengthening words were spoken by John the Baptist’s father, Zacharias. America needs men like him, Scripture-loving, truth-testifying husbands who will help their sons become powerful servants of God, as was John. That wilderness preacher treated rich and poor alike, never sugar-coated his warnings of eternal death to the unrepentant, but repeatedly proclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world!” May the Holy Spirit give us more faithful followers of Christ who will not let business, pleasure, or other selfish concerns keep them from leading their children to Jesus, and, especially in this pre-Christmas week, from finding time to tell their boys and girls of Bethlehem’s Babe and its blessing for their souls! In these modern Zachariases, who, keeping first things first, know that the Lord expects them to teach real religion to their sons and daughters, lie some of our country’s highest hopes. Christian fathers of America, don’t fail us in this grave emergency!

    May the enlightening Spirit also give us devoted, faith-filled mothers like Elisabeth, Zacharias’ wife! She, as many of you women, had endured one of life’s deepest sorrows: she had been married for many years, but the Almighty had not blessed her with a baby. Humanly speaking, she was far too old for that now. How inexpressibly happy she must have been when, believing that "“with God nothing shall be impossible," the Lord kept His Word and presented her with baby John! If some of you wives have no little one of your own to cuddle and caress, don’t let your soul become embittered! Don’t accuse God! Don’t try the sinful proposals openly discussed in our newspapers! Do what Elisabeth did! Take it to your heavenly Father in prayer! He has often helped when experts have failed; and if, in His unsearchable judgment, your arms are to remain empty, He can fill your heart with the compensation of other great blessings.

    Now, when John the Baptist was born, his father sang one of the most remarkable hymns of praise the Bible contains. It is recorded in only twelve verses at the end of Saint Luke’s first chapter, but I ask you to read them thoughtfully, prayerfully. First of all, Zacharias emphasizes that the birth of John as the forerunner of Jesus was foretold in ancient prophecies. This miracle of fulfilled promise is one of the wonders of Christmas that even believers often overlook. Every major part of the Nativity was described centuries in advance. Think of it, ages before Bethlehem, the Old Testament pages predicted that the Messiah would be a Deliverer from sin; that He would be divine, yet the “Seed of the Woman,” the Almighty God, yet a helpless Child in a manger. Scripture foresaw that He would come in a line of descent from Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Judah, and finally from David. Not only was His family thus traced, but the place of His birth was made known, as the village of Bethlehem, “little among the thousands of Judah.” The time of His advent was proclaimed by Isaiah and Daniel. Seven hundred years before Jesus came, Scripture recorded that His mother would be a virgin. Almost a thousand years before the first Christmas, Solomon foretold that the mighty would pay tribute to the incarnate Infant, just as the Wise Men did. Jeremiah predicted the massacre of the infants at Bethlehem, and Hosea had a prevision of the Christ Child’s flight into Egypt. I challenge any of you to produce prophecies outside the Bible which have thus graphically been fulfilled. Experts in Queen Mary’s College, London University, recently asserted that certain individuals can foresee the future. Investigators over there base this claim on the fact that two of 160 people examined apparently guessed the animal pictures printed on cards better than others could; yet even these two individuals made many glaring mistakes. How humbly we ought to bow before the Bible’s fulfilled prophecy and hail this as proof if its divine origin and power, especially when we realize that the world has never before seen as many false forecasters as in recent years! Last week we met with another promise of political peace that has been forgotten. Before the election both major parties pledged themselves to support the commendable Zionist program for a homeland in Palestine. A few days ago, however, the Senate committee temporarily killed this proposal. Yet the Almighty’s guarantee of your heavenly homeland, your eternal Zion, will not only be fulfilled, it will also offer you far more glory and grace then you can ever imagine here on earth. How eagerly people should reply on Scripture, convinced that if the Bible has proved its power to foresee and foretell, then the truth of its guidance, the strength of its comfort, the might of the Savior’s love should be accepted unquestioningly. You can always trust God’s Word!

    In the mighty climax of his hymned praise, Zacharias looks beyond John to the coming Deliverer. The Savior was dearer to him than his own son. Magnificently he foresees Jesus as “the Dayspring from on high,” that is, the One who will make night spring into day, usher an era of new brightness into sin-darkened, sorrow-clouded hearts. During the past twenty-five years men have often boasted that they could produce a new age through their political plans, social revolutions, world wars; and they have succeeded in making a new day, but one of greater grief and deeper darkness. Where are the charters, pacts, covenants, and treaties signed with impressive formality? They have been cast into discard, just as many promises made now and after the war will be ruthlessly broken. Praise God with me, therefore, that Christ in truth is “the Dayspring from on high: who has brought all humanity a completely new day. Even our calendars recognize this, as they date our years from His birth. He inaugurated a new era of hope for the world when He helped destroy the tyranny and oppression over men’s souls, promoted liberty, saved womanhood from the violence of lust, gave children their chance in life, elevated the home, championed the laboring classes, advanced education, struck out against slavery, and pleaded for peace. Everything good our twentieth century knows stems originally from Bethlehem’s Babe. If the Son of God had not come, the world would have destroyed itself long before this time.

    Believe with personal assurance that the Lord is “the Dayspring from on high” for you; that with faith in the Savior’s Christmas gift of Himself you can say, “A new day has dawned for me. A new life has started in my soul. I am born again “of water and of the Spirit.’” If you are distressed by the evil of drunkenness or addiction to drugs; if your conscience is burdened by bad habits which are ruining your health or by degrading vices that make you ashamed of yourself, and you want to be through with all this, live decently in a clean, God-pleasing way; if your yesterday has been a failure, with your hopes crashed, your ambitions broken, your whole past one mistake after the other, then start over with Jesus in the joy, assurance, and blessing He can give you through faith! Today you can begin life anew with Him.

    Note that the Christ Child is “the Dayspring from ON HIGH”! What comfort and courage every one of us can find in the fact that our Lord is not from below, not merely human with all our faults and frailties, not originally from this earth with its deceit, lying, hypocrisy, and falsehood! He to whom the angels sang, “Glory to God in the highest”; He who is “now ascended on high,” did indeed come from heaven, our Immanuel, our God-with-us. A few weeks ago seven official representatives of Christian churches in this country voted to accept into full membership a religious group which flatly and openly denies the Savior’s deity. Do you wonder, with the foundations of their faith thus destroyed, that many American churches have lost their influence and have become little more than social centers? When Christ Himself says, “I and My Father are one,” and again, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father,” and again, “I am in the Father, and the Father in Me”; when he proves Himself divine by His unnumbered, unparalleled miracles, this settles the issue: Jesus is our God “from on high.” We do not need human helpers. The world is sick of bungling men whose brutal mistakes have strewn battlefields with frozen corpses. We want a superhuman ,heavenly Helper, Deliverer, Savior, who has God’s almighty power, God’s all-seeing knowledge, God’s all-forgiving mercy. And here he is, “the Dayspring from on high,” before whom mankind weary of power-mad, sin-gripped men, should humbly bow to cry in the truth of ancient Scripture: “Lo, this is our God; we have waited for Him, and he will save us.”

    Christ, the celestial Dayspring, came to earth and “visited us,” as our text explains, first, “to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.” It is Isaiah’s language which Zacharias here uses, but it holds for today. Jesus came, not to establish an earthly kingdom, not to present a social gospel, not merely to give men an example. He came as “the Light of the world,” to illumine “them that sit in darkness: and that includes every one of us. With the new rays physicists have discovered, with all the mental brightness that marks our age, our globe is still enshrouded in night. When you see 50,000,000 human brings mobilized to kill their fellow men; when you count more than that number who every day are engaged in making instruments of death; when you witness experts feverishly experimenting with more widespread plans to massacre and technicians striving to perfect new equipment which will destroy faster, wider, surer, don’t claim that we live in an enlightened age! For masses the world has never been blacker than it is today, with man’s proud learning unable to produce a single ray of real hope for soul darkness.

    Thank heaven, then, for Christmas! It shows us that Jesus has come into the darkness of ignorance, where men, as in deep midnight, grope blindly for the truth. Yet millions in America know nothing of the Savior and His redemption. Some may have a string of college degrees and a Phi Beta Kappa key, but they are religious illiterates. Once after Dwight L. Moody had studied the single Biblical term “grace” for several days, he ran to the street and asked the first man he met, “Do you know anything about grace?” “Grace who?” the man replied. – A student of our seminary was standing before a Saint Louis department-store window which depicted the Nativity scene. A child beside him, wide-eyes in amazement at the colorful figures of the shepherds with the sheep, the Wise Men with the camels, pointed to the cradled Babe and eagerly asked, “Who’s that?” When the mother answered, “Jesus,” the child continued uncertainly, “Jesus who, Mom?” Similarly, if you would inquire of people who crowd downtown streets in this holiday rush, “Do you know anything about Mary and Joseph?” Many of them would counter: “Mary who? Joseph who? Do you mean Joseph Stalin?” If you would say to our financiers, “Do you know the way of redemption?” many would answer: “What redemption?” Redemption of War Bonds?” If you would put the question to brokers, “What do you think of Bethlehem?” many would demand: “What Bethlehem? Bethlehem Steel?” Our country has more churches than any other nation, but the other day after preaching in Long Beach, California, I met a man fifty-nine years old, who had never before crossed the threshold into God’s house.

    Into the darkness comes “the Dayspring from on high,” Jesus, “ the Light of the world,” to show us the right path, the only road to our salvation. Dimness and uncertainty disappear when you take His hand and follow Him. He is the Light that never fails, with no “perhaps,” or “perchance,” no “maybe” or “could be.” Instead, absolute, positive, unquestionable surety! If you wish to know the truth about yourself and your soul; if you want to be certain of your salvation, look to the Christ Child; and as the blessed sun rises to remove the night, so the Lord, who says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” will dispel your spiritual ignorance. At Bethlehem’s manger you can gain the conviction which triumphs: “I know whom I have believed” and “I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

    When we thus receive the Son of God as the Light of our souls, we recognize Him as the Savior who can remove the gloom of evil. Every transgression of the divine Law sentences the sinner to eternal night, separation from the Almighty, and unrelieved punishment. As the lights go on again in London, Paris, and other previously darkened European cities, people are once more promised gaiety, amusement, adventure. Yet what a damned and cursed thing sin is! It makes the servant of secret vices shun the light. It drives men and women to the cover of assumed names and clandestine meetings. It sends those who rob homes out under midnight’s cover and those who rob youth of its purity and decency into the meagerly lit dens of lust. As sin shuns the light, so it leaves its victims in despair. The most startling letters I receive are from people whose souls are overshadowed by heavy blackness, who feel themselves on the very brink of hell. What a blessed privilege it is, then, to proclaim: In the Christ Child, as God’s greatest Gift, you have complete forgiveness for every sin, even those that make you blush in shame. At the manger you know you are saved forever by mercy which cost you nothing but which sent your Savior to the cradle and then to the Cross. You have the assured redemption from ruin, whereby all question marks are removed. With His brightness to give you unspeakable joy, why do some of you insist on groveling in the darkness of defeat without Jesus, when, clinging to Him in trusting faith, you can learn that all is bright, all is light?

    Our age especially needs His guidance, for in addition to the sorrows ordinarily besetting men, come war’s breaking burdens. “I lost my two sons in battle,” an Ohio mother tells us. “How can I ever stand it?” “My husband is listed as killed in action,” a Pennsylvania wife writes. “What can I do?” As the pall of darkness settles more deeply on many American homes and the gold stars appear more frequently on our service flags, may we prepare ourselves for the pilgrimage to Bethlehem, where the cradled Infant can bring heaven’s brightness for earth’s gloomiest hour! By our faith in the Savior the blows that strike us down become blessings which raise us up to Him; the hindrances which destroy our human hopes are turned into helps which build our eternal joy. In His Scripture, Jesus, who exchanged a heavenly throne for an earthly manger, has promised, “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”

    This, then, is your most precious Christmas gift: the Savior’s light to banish blackness from your soul. And, marvel of grace, to have all that I have promised in God’s name, you need only believe, only humbly worship the incarnate Redeemer as your own Lord. Illumined by His mercy, you can “walk in the light,” and avoid all cheap, tawdry hated. Looking to His compassion, keep Japanese skulls off American Christmas trees this year and refuse to display souvenirs made from the bones of fallen enemies! The Holy Spirit grant that, starting today, you, the peace-robbed,, will personally worship Christ, the “Dayspring from on high,” come “to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,” yes, especially
to you, the afflicted, who may not be on earth next Sunday and who need His sustaining love this moment!


The other part of your greatest Christmas gift is found in the promise of our text that Jesus is come “to guide our feet into the way of peace.” This does not entitle us to expect a warless world. Even after peace is declared in the present hostilities, the clouds of international strife will still hang low over the world.

Six years ago this broadcast predicted that whoever else triumphs in this war, atheism will surely win. Today that forecast is being fulfilled. Governments collapse, cabinets resign, but godlessness marches on. In China, Greece, The Balkans, Italy, Spain, France, and the Baltic regions anti-religion, anti-God, anti-Bible movements have recruited millions.

If this happens in war, how terrifying will be the conquests of unbelief in peace, when crushing debts demand payment, impoverished multitudes march the streets searching for employment and food, masses in defeated Germany and Japan overthrow their governments and vainly seek refuge in political programs which laugh the Almighty to scorn? Whatever else the future brings, it now seems certain that it will produce increased rebellion against the Almighty—I mean the kind which closes churches, rakes lines of ministers and priests with machine-gun fire, paints blasphemy on chruches, drags effigies of the Savior through muddy streets, cunningly teaches children there is no God, laughs at Scripture, coddles crime, and applauds lust. Even America, where the down-with-the-Gospel procession strides on more confidently than ever before, will not escape attack by this infidel invasion, and only our heavenly Father’s mercy can preserve us from the horror which will bleed other nations white.

Thank heaven, however, Christmas comes—and no one will ever be able to tear it from us—to tell us that while we must expect further bloodshed in a world which hates Jesus, spurns His grace, blasphemes His cross, strikes His outstretched arms down, and would actually kill Him today just as certainly as they crucified Him 1900 years ago, nevertheless those who cling to the Savior can have inner peace, calm confidence, fortitude. However brutally wars may rage as men devise new methods of mass destruction; wherever in the depth of suffering man’s hatred may lead you parents through bereavement and the loss of your loved ones; whenever the prophecies of “the next war” send a foreboding chill through you, remember, the Prince of Peace is ready to fulfill the promise of our text, “to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

    We need God’s Son to lead us “into the way of peace,” because human direction, despite it promises to the contrary, has repeatedly brought the race to the edge of ruin. With their pride and vaunted claims for goodness and progress, men without the Almighty, enemies of the Cross, are such selfish, snarling, cruel, hate-filled, vicious creatures that, if they were to guide themselves, they would, day and night, march away from God, away from His love, away from our Lord’s promise of peace, Yet, instead of permitting this world to become a complete madhouse, instead of leaving us to our own destruction, Jesus came, “to guide our feet into the way of peace.” It was no easy matter, the Savior’s granting peace to you. How appalling the total cost of human conflict! Yet, all this does not compare with the price Christ paid to bring you peace. No sacrifice of human lives, no mountains of money, could make you and me, enemies of heaven, friends of the Almighty. Jesus had to offer Himself; the Son of God had to come into the world as a Babe and leave it as a crucified criminal. He had to shed His own blood to meet the demands of divine justice, remove your sins, reunite you with the Father, reestablish the harmony between heaven and earth, redeem your soul forever.

We speak glowingly of peace treaties today; yet they have often been made only to be broken, while the Lord declares, “The mountains shall depart and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed: – the covenant of Calvary signed in the Savior’s crimson blood. We read of secret peace conferences between favored nations; but there is nothing exclusive about the Gospel of grace. It is for you Negroes as well as for us white people, for the poor and the plenteously blessed, for the Ph.D. and the number in the in sane asylum, for the have’s and have-not’s, for the upper 400 and the lower 138,000,000. Bethlehem’s peace can be yours, whoever, wherever, whatever you are.

    Oh, that we could realize, especially in the Christmas season, what an all-marvelous, all-merciful gift this peace is! We say Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us. But how inadequate this peace is! We say Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us. But how inadequate this statement is! When a native woman in India first heard the story of His grace, she cried out: “The ‘love’ is not enough. Christ did indescribably much more for us.” She was right. No language can fully explain our Redeemer’s devotion unto death. Today we seek to fill our enemies as they try to annihilate us, to bomb people to pieces, destroy their homes, their families, their children, but Jesus who never grasped a sword, laid down His life to bring peace to those who hated Him. Can you think of our President giving himself to secure peace for the German people? Yet our Lord did a million times more than that: He has extended eternal blessing to all His enemies throughout the world and every age. He brought peace for you. That love is the heart and center of Christmas, not the trees, the gifts, the festivities, the decorations, but the assurance, “Being justified by faith, we have peace with God.”

    The Holy Spirit grant that this assurance will be truth, not merely theory, in your life! Because many willful unbelievers refuse to permit Jesus to guide their “feet into the way of peace,” on all sides we meet trouble-burdened lives, peace-robbed homes, nervous breakdowns, suicides. To keep you from such tragedy the divine Comforter now offers you His great Christmas gift, soul peace and security. Does sorrow, grief or worry burden you? Do your violations of God’s Law still distress you, the transgressions now thirty, forty, fifty years old, which, as you write me, still rise up to haunt you? As you pray, “O blessed Babe, lead my feet ‘into the way of peace,’” He will answer, “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” If your conscience lashes you, cry out, “Christ has taken all my wrongs away forever.” If the devil whispers that there is no hope for you, no remission for your ruinous evil, declare: “Get thee behind me, Satan!” “The blood of Jesus Christ,” God’s Son, “cleanseth us from all sin.”

    Is there trouble in your home? Your letters mention divorce and desertion, crime, and quarrel in families which should be closely united in love and harmony. Looking to Bethlehem, pray, “O Savior, guide our ‘feet into the way of peace,’” and as you welcome the Christ Child into your home, through prayer in personal and family intercession, you will realize that the Redeemer, who forgives, also strengthens, purifies, and subdues the selfishness responsible for household strife.

    Did the war bring its heavy cares to you? Do you lie awake at night worrying about your son in distant lands or in danger areas? Pray this Advent petition with fervent faith: “O Jesus, guide our ‘feet into the way of peace’” and the merciful Mediator will lead you to the conviction that if your son trusts Christ in his heart, nothing can merely happen to him, since he is always under the divine Deliverer’s direction, with the guarantee that “all things work together for Good” to him because he loves the Lord.

    Are you distressed by problems of health? Will Christmas find you in a sick bed, alarmed by the doctor’s disheartening report? You who hear this message in a hospital or a convalescent home, look to Jesus and pray, “Guide our feet into the way of peace,” and as He takes your hand to lead you, He will give you “the peace… which passeth all understanding,” the assurance that whatever the Almighty ordains is good, the knowledge that since you are God’s child, your heavenly Father can restore you in an instant. Yet if He loves you too much to permit you to linger long in a world of woe and instead wants you with Him, how marvelous the mercy of celebrating Christmas in heaven, of hearing the host of angels which once caroled over Bethlehem sing again to the risen Redeemer, your King!

    One all-important week remains before the Savior’s birthday. Will you have His peace in your heart and in your home? Will you be ready worthily to receive Him? Not if you spend these days in exhausting work and useless worry, with no time to hear the carols of Christmas joy! Not if you waste the week in carousal and drunkenness as one holiday party gives way to the other!

    We shook our heads a few days ago as we read of a prisoner in an Illinois penitentiary who, his term expired, refused to leave his cell, insisting that he stay behind the bars and the gray walls for the rest of his life. That is tragic enough; but not half as perverted and painful as when some among you prefer the slavery of sin to the “liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free.”

    The Holy Spirit grant that when your Father now offers you the greatest Christmas blessing heaven and earth know, you will fall on your knees before the cradled Babe, confess you sins, every one of them, rejoice in the light which “the Dayspring from on high’ has brought you! As you follow the royal Redeemer’s footsteps in the say of peace, peace with your God, peace with yourself, peace with your fellow men, may your contrite, converted, convinced heart cry out: “‘Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.’ The gift of Christ, my Light and my Love, my Pardon and my Peace.” Amen!

Note: The preceding Lutheran Hour sermon first aired in December 1944. (From the book “Jesus Christ our Hope”.)