"The Vile Person Shall be no more called Liberal" (Isaiah 32:5)


    Two hundred years ago the word "liberal" meant almost the exact opposite of what is called "liberal" today. At the time our American government was founded the word liberal was applied to someone who was big hearted and generous. In the arena of politics it was applied to those who opposed centralization of government. Today those who call themselves "liberal" are the very ones who are working to centralize power in the federal government, while using that government to impose their regulations and opinions on all who disagree with them. This "liberal" policy of centralized government is the same policy which was promoted by Hitler and the Nazi Party.




    The Bible teaches us to be tolerant in our dealing with other people and intolerant only of evil. Both "liberals" and Nazis reverse this by showing tolerance toward evil while refusing to tolerate any disagreement with their aims or ideology. One example of this is their recent use of force to make Virginia Military Institute accept women. They are totally intolerant of anyone who believes that women should be excluded from combat. Our government was never intended to pander to such intolerance. If the men who founded this country had been confronted by a similar situation they would have said, "If the people at Virginia Military Institute do not want to accept women as students that is their right. This is a free country. If there are others who feel that women should receive military training then they are free to start a school which accepts both men and women. This country is big enough for those who accept both points of view." Like the Nazis the "liberals" are unwilling to tolerate any other point of view.


    Another example of "liberal" intolerance is to be seen in their attitude toward both creationism and homeschooling. Various publications which I subscribe to have reported a number of instances where teachers or professors were fired because they believed that the evidence supported creation as opposed to evolution. I recently heard that a professor at the University of Alabama has been forbidden to discuss his views on creation with anyone, even in private, under penalty of being fired ("liberals" want academic freedom only for themselves). I personally know Christian people who have been arrested for homeschooling. At present homeschooling is legal but liberals fought it for years. Like Nazis they want centralized control of all education.


    In one ruling after another "liberal" judges have shown contempt for the will of the people. The city of Cincinnati voted not to fluoridate the water supply four different times only to have a federal judge order the city to fluoridate the water. The news as I write is that a federal judge has overruled a decision of the voters of the state of California to end "affirmative action". Such contempt for the will of the people should surprise no one. Like Nazis, liberals care nothing for freedom. (See, "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" by B.F. Skinner)




    At present the word "liberal" has almost become a synonym for "socialist." Socialism is one of the central tenets of "liberal" ideology. This should not surprise anyone because the word, "Nazi" means "National Socialist Workers Party." Modern "liberalism" is nothing more than Nazism by a different name.




    Liberalism, like Naziism, is an ideology based upon Darwinís myth of evolution. Both liberals and Nazis teach that humans have evolved from lower life forms. This false premise leads logically to the conclusion that some races are less evolved and therefore, inferior. The only difference between "liberals" and Nazis on this matter has to do with the questions of which races are inferior. Liberals usually only regard extinct races (such as the Neanderthal) as inferior while Nazis also include the black race.




    Hitler hated the Christian religion. He believed that Christianity had turned the German people into wimps. He denounced the Old Testament as Jewish myth. I have seen a film of Nazi Party members throwing a sledge hammer through a stain-glass church window in order to fulfill an old Nordic prophesy which said that in one thousand years the hammer of Thor would smash the stain-glass windows of the Christian Church.


    Liberals show the same hatred of Christianity as the Nazis. They do all they can to destroy faith in Godís Word and like Hitler they regard the stories in the Old Testament as Jewish myth.




    Liberal attempts to spread and legitimize homosexuality should surprise no one for many of the high-ranking Nazi leaders were homosexual. However, the attempt by liberals to portray homosexuals as Nazi victims is nothing but a lie. One book entitled, "The Pink Swastika" was written to expose that lie. Concerning that book Don Judith Reisman said, "As a Jewish scholar who lost hundreds of her family in the Holocaust, I welcome (this book) as courageous and timely. Lively and Abrams reveal the reigning "gay history" as revisionist and expose "supermale" German homosexuals for what they were--Nazi brutes, not Nazi victims."




    Like Nazis liberals encourage adultery and deny that marriage was instituted by God. Hitler required every SS man to father a child (to take his place) before he went into combat. If that soldier was unmarried, he was to cohabit with a member of the league of German Maidens until a child was produced. Liberals encourage such immorality through classes in sex education even going so far as to distribute condoms to unmarried children.




    Like the Nazis liberals care little for the truth and see lies as just another way of advancing their cause. They often use false reports or false statistics to advance their cause. An article in the April 1997 edition of READERíS DIGEST tells how lies contained in the "Kinsey Report" were used to subvert sexual morality. However, the biggest lie which liberals use is the claim that all who oppose them are Nazis. This tactic was first proposed by Stalin in 1946. Men who had risked their lives to defeat the Nazis came back to America only to be smeared as neo-Nazis when they spoke out against liberal subversion.




    Some accounts list the number of people who died at the hands of the Nazis at twelve million. If killing this many people makes Nazis evil then liberals are far more evil because they have killed more than thirty million babies in the United States alone. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, held eugenic views identical to those of Hitler, and openly promoted abortion as a way of reducing the number of children born to parents whom she regarded as racially inferior.


    In 2005 Judge Greer ordered Terri Schiavo starved to death. That woman was not on "life support" and she was able to take food and water orally. However, the judge had anyone who tried to feed her arrested for contempt of court. As columnist Pat Bucannon pointed out, "This was the method used at Auschwitz to murder Father Maximilian Kolbe, the priest who volunteered to take the place of a Polish father of a large family, who was one of 10 the camp commandant had selected for execution in reprisal for the escape of a prisoner.

    After being starved and dehydrated for days, Kolbe was injected by his Nazi captors with carbolic acid. He died a martyrís death." Again, the facts reveal the depth of similarity between "liberalism" and NAZIism.




    The Scottish scientist who was first to clone a sheep, tried 277 times before he succeeded, often producing deformed sheep. The chance of producing a deformed human would not stop "liberals" from trying to clone a human. Not only do they want the right to kill deformed babies, but a "liberal" congressman is currently yelling that forbidding people to clone humans would be a denial of their basic rights.


    A recent news article tells us that more than one hundred human brains that were removed by Nazi doctors are being returned to the families of the victims. This reminds me of another news report which told of two "liberal" doctors who took an aborted baby, who was still alive waving its arms and legs, and without any anesthetic cut out its liver for use in an experiment.




    Like Nazis, "liberals" want all weapons either in the hands of, or controlled by, the central government. They are continually calling for gun control. Many of their statements in this regard show the same zeal to disarm the people as the following statement made by Adolph Hitler in 1942, "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So letís not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order."



    The "liberal" ideology is almost identical to the Nazi ideology. The main differences between "liberalism" and Nazism have to do with how the ideology is packaged and not in the ideology itself.