By Congressman William Dannemeyer


(Book Review)

In this book (published in 1989) Congressman William Dannemeyer provides a comprehensive overview of the homosexual movement in the United States while warning of its dangers and exposing its false claims. Although it was published over two decades ago, because Congressman Dannemeyer had government information and resources at his disposal, much of what he says reads like it was written last week (the only exception being the legalization of homosexual marriage). Of this book, syndicated columnist, Cal Thomas writes:


“Few people understand the threat to the family and to the nation the unrepentant homosexuals pose as does Bill Dannemeyer, who, as a member of Congress, has heard all of the moral and legal arguments firsthand. This book is must reading for everyone who seeks the truth and wants to counter the myths and propaganda that homosexuals and their political supporters have managed to dump on the public with the help of much of the press.”


After discussing the fact that before 1970 homosexuality was illegal in every state, and was regarded as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association, Congressman Dannemeyer describes the violence and disruption used by homosexual activists (during APA conventions) to have homosexuality removed from the list of Psychiatric disorders. It was not medical research, but intimidation, that led the APA to remove homosexuality from its list.

I urge every concerned American to get and read this book.


Let me close by saying some years ago a friend of mine learned of a Communist meeting that was going to take place (after hours) at the University of Cincinnati. Being curious as to what the Communists were up to he decided to attend that meeting. There he heard the students urged to promote homosexuality, a table full of free promotional literature being provided. That should be a concern to every one of us.

G. R. B.