Prior to his death in January 1950, Dr. Walter A. Maier would receive thousands of letters each year in response to his radio broadcasts. As his sermons were published in book form -- and one or two volumes were published every year -- excerpts from many of those letters were included. What follows is the forward to his book, "Global Broadcasts of His Grace". The letters are from only one broadcasting season. As you read them notice the ones that reveal the power of the Holy Spirit working through his sermons and the eagerness of the listeners to hear the good news that he preached.


Once again in reviewing the record of the fourteenth Lutheran Hour, it is my privilege to report the encouraging continuation of divine blessing. Not only did the almighty keep His promise, "My Word . . . shall not return unto Me void"; He also permitted us to complete another broadcasting season which, thanks to His grace, far exceeded all past records in our mission of the air. The Lutheran Hour's march of progress has been steady and uninterrupted -- each year after the first has brought us more stations, more listeners, more letters, more support, and, as far as we can count them, more converts. Because our fourteenth season continued this growth, we praise God, from whom all blessings flow, and thank the Holy Spirit, without whom no one can call Jesus lord, for opening the hearts of listeners in many lands to God's love in our Savior, Jesus Christ.
This volume contains the messages delivered on the Lutheran Hour during the second part of the fourteenth season (from January to April, 1947). During that time we received letters from listeners in the following nations and territories; those marked with asterisks indicate countries with stations broadcasting our program:

Admiralty Islands Fiji Islands* Nicaragua*
Alaska* Finland Nigeria
Algeria France* Northern Rhodesia
Angola* Germany Norway
Argentina* Gibraltar Nova Scotia*
Australia* Gold Coast of Africa Orange Free State
Austria* Greece* Palestine
Bahama Islands Guatemala* Panama*
Basutoland  Haiti* Paraguay*
Bechuanaland  Hawaii* Peru*
Belgium  Holland Philippine Islands*
Bermuda*  Honduras* Poland
Bolivia*  Hungary Portugal
Brazil* Iceland Portuguese China*
British East Africa India Puerto Rico*
British Guiana* Ireland Scotland
British Honduras Italy Solomon Islands
British West Indies Jamaica South West Africa*
Canada* Japan Southern Rhodesia 
Canal Zone Java Spanish Morocco*
Chilie* Luxembourg* Sweden
China* Madagascar Switzerland
Colombia* Malaya Tanganyika
Costa Rica* Marshall Islands Tangier*
Cuba* Mexico* Tasmania*
Curacao Monaco* Transvaal
Czechoslovakia Morocco Union of South Africa
Denmark Mozambique* United States*
Dominican Republic* Natal Uruguay*
Dutch Guiana* Netherlands Venezuela*
Ecuador* New Guinea Virgin Islands
El Salvador New Zealand Wales
England Newfoundland Yugoslavia
During its fourteenth season Bringing Christ to the Nations made these notable advances:

1. The establishment of our Lutheran Hour branch office in Johannesburg, South Africa. This increased to six the number of branch offices, the others being located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; and Adelaide, South Australia.

2. The addition of three new languages to our broadcasting schedule: Afrikaans (heard in the Union of South Africa); French (heard in North Africa and the island of Haiti); and Arabic (heard in Tangier, North Africa).

3. The beginning of Lutheran Hour broadcasting in Europe, over Radio Luxembourg, Radio Normandie, and Radio Monte Carlo.

4. The return of the Lutheran Hour to the Philippines.

5. The entry of our broadcast into the Far East, as Lutheran Hour programs were heard over stations in Shanghai, Chungking, and Kunming.

6. The advance of our broadcast in Brazil through the addition of twelve new stations.

7. The advance of our broadcast in Argentina through the use of  the Radio Belgrano Network.

8. The addition of eighty-seven stations in the United States.

9. The inauguration of our international short-wave broadcasting, with Station KJE8, San Francisco, beamed to the Far East, and Station WBC, New York City, beamed to Europe, and Station WRC, New York City, Beamed to Africa.

10. The entry of the Lutheran Hour into frequency modulation broadcasting, with twelve FM outlets featuring the program.

During this period almost 400,000 letters were received at our headquarters, a figure larger than that for any previous year. A staff of eighty workers helped answer the requests these communications contained.

This outward increase was accompanied with spiritual blessings. As we give God all the glory for His enlightening guidance, we thankfully report that the radioed message of redemption led many sinners to confess Christ their Savior, recalled numbers of the unfaithful to their Lord, strengthened the wavering, fortified the believers, and comforted the afflicted. On the following pages we reprint excerpts of letters and list the blesses results of our broadcast; this is done to glorify God and to give our readers patent proof of His divine power.


The most startling evidence of the Holy Spirit's grace in guiding and blessing our efforts may be found in the large lists of converts to Christ, won by the Lutheran Hour. We have resolved, with the Spirit's help, always to broadcast both the necessity for redemption and the clear way to heaven through repentance and trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Savior of the world. The Lord has graciously guided our weak efforts; and we praise His mercy and might for miracles of compassion like these, taken from our radio mail:

Wisconsin - We all accepted Christ as our personal Savior, since listening to the Lutheran Hour.

Missouri - All three in our family have come to the Savior through the messages proclaimed over the International Lutheran Hour.

Nebraska - We have all come to know Christ through hearing your challenging messages.

North Dakota - We are all members of Christ's kingdom as a direct result of tuning in regularly to your inspiring Gospel broadcasts.

Wisconsin - Three in our family of five have come to know Christ as our personal Redeemer, since we have tuned in the Lutheran Hour.

Minnesota - Mrs. --- joined --- Church, after regular listening to your broadcasts.

Wisconsin - All seven of us, since listening to your radio mission, have joined the Lutheran Church here.

Ohio - Thanks to your wonderful and inspiring messages, my wife and I have joined --- Lutheran Church.

Maryland - Through hearing the radio sermons of the International Lutheran Hour, two of my family have come to know Christ.

Nebraska - Mr. --- was saved through the Gospel messages proclaimed on your broadcasts.

California - Eight people of whom I know have been brought to Christ as Savior through listening to the Lutheran Hour. One in my family has also been brought to Christ through the same medium.

North Dakota - Two in my family came to the knowledge of saving truth through your Gospel messages.

Ohio - Mr. --- is now a Lutheran, thanks to your radio mission!

New York - Twelve people with whom I am acquainted are now members of a Lutheran Church, since listening regularly to your soul-stirring broadcasts.

Michigan - Bringing Christ to the nations has brought one member of my household to the Savior of the world.

Illinois - Mr. --- and his family of three are members of the Lutheran Church here since hearing your wonderful addresses. Seven in my family also joined this Church as a result of your preaching on the Lutheran Hour broadcasts.

Montana - Three of our family have been influenced to accept Christ by your messages. They have joined the Lutheran Church.

Michigan - My husband, who was not a member of any church, was confirmed a year ago and is now a member of the Lutheran Church. This is the result of your broadcasts.

Louisiana - Our family of twelve learned to know Christ as our personal Savior, since we tuned in your broadcasts.

Michigan - Miss --- is a member of the Lutheran Church since she came to know Christ through hearing your program.

Minnesota - Miss --- has accepted Christ through the influence of your radio mission.

Ohio - Your broadcasts were 50 per cent responsible for bringing my wife and me to Christ and causing us to join the Lutheran Church.

Indiana - Two in my household have come to the Savior after hearing the Word preached on your program.

Missouri - We are now members of the Church as a result of hearing your Gospel broadcasts.

Iowa - Three in my family have joined the Lutheran Church since hearing the broadcasts. Mrs. --- has also become a member since hearing your messages.

Wisconsin - I have come to the saving knowledge through hearing your program. The Lutheran Hour has given me more courage to fight life's battles. I have joined the Lutheran Church. I know of others who, too, have been brought to Christ through hearing your radio sermons.

Iowa - Mr. and Mrs. --- are members of the Lutheran Church, since they became acquainted with the Lutheran Hour.

Illinois - Three in my family have come to the knowledge of the truth since tuning in the Lutheran Hour.

Kentucky - Two in our household have accepted Christ as Savior through listening to the Lutheran Hour.

Illinois - Your program has brought three to the knowledge of the truth.

Illinois - The Lutheran Hour changed the hearts of two in our family.

Missouri - I thank God that I was privileged to accept Christ as my Savior through your broadcast.

North Dakota - The broadcast truth has led seven in our household to accept Christ as Savior.

Maine - One member in our family was won for the faith by your preaching.

Illinois - Your broadcasts have made me realize my sinfulness, and I now believe in Christ, who died for me.

Illinois - It was through the Lutheran Hour that I became acquainted with ---. He accepted Christ through your messages.

California - My wife, daughter, and myself were deeply touched by your message a few Sundays ago, and since then have decided to join the Church, realizing that faith is the only way of salvation.

New York - Yours is a most blessed broadcast. It was through your program that three in our family were won for the faith.

Massachusetts - Mr. and Mrs. --- were brought to Christ through your wonderful sermons.

Indiana - God's Holy Spirit has guided me through your preaching in finding the only way of salvation - through faith in Christ Jesus.

New York - Dr. And Mrs. --- enjoy hearing you and have become members of the --- church because of your powerful words.

Ohio - Your sermons have converted two in our home.

California - I thank our dear heavenly Father for your faithfulness in preaching the Word and thus feeding his sheep, of whom I am least. Not only do you preach the Word, but when you find a lost one outside the fold of Christ, you send a minister to bring that one back to a safe place for the Master. After my pastor's instructions last Monday, we planned some of the details for my joining the church. Because I am not able to go to church, he will bring several of the church officials with him to my home and will take me into the church here. I surely do appreciate that favor, and I am indebted to you and to my pastor for it. I shall be so happy when I am a member of the Lutheran Church.

Wisconsin - The Lutheran Hour has a warm spot in my heart, for I was saved through one of your messages a year ago. I made a resolution to pray more every day for it.

California - I write directly to you because, when we wrote to you of a Japanese girl, Mrs. Maier got in touch with her, and now Suzie Yamashita is a Christian. We are indeed greatly appreciative of this.

Florida - I am doing my field work in key west this summer and received a letter concerning Mrs. --- of this city. She is going to join our church when she comes back from her vacation. Her husband also is interested. One Sunday when she was ill, we both listened to the Lutheran Hour at her home. After the broadcast we prayed together, and she says that it was one devotion she will never forget. I was happy to tell her that I was a member of the Lutheran Hour Chorus.

North Carolina - I feel grand after being saved through your broadcast a few days ago. It was the happiest moment of my life. I only wish other boys and girls of my age would realize that you can have just as much fun, if not more, being a Christian than otherwise. My sister did not believe me at first when I told her that I had accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Now that I am a Christian, I am going to urge other boys and girls to do as I have. Before I was saved, I became provoked and upset and sometimes flew into a rage, but now I just can't. Christianity has changed my life entirely.


In a day when far too many churches belittle Baptism, we regard it as a special gift of God's grace that large numbers received this washing of regeneration, after the Holy Spirit used the words of our broadcast in bringing them to faith. We are happy to present these sentences from listeners' letters, which should make every follower of Christ rejoice:

Arizona - As a result of listening to the Lutheran Hour, I have been baptized.

Wisconsin - Seven members of my family have been baptized and have accepted Christ as their Savior through listening to your broadcasts. They have joined the Lutheran Church.

Louisiana - All in our family have been baptized since hearing the Word proclaimed on the Lutheran Hour.

Ohio - I realize the importance of Baptism for a rebirth in Christ and have been baptized after hearing your sermons.

Indiana - Your recent sermon on Baptism made me realize the importance of it, and I have now been baptized in the name of the Triune God.

Illinois - Since listening to your wonderful message on Baptism, I was baptized in the true faith.

Ohio - I have been baptized as a result of your sermons  discussing regeneration through Baptism.

Nebraska - Every one of our family was baptized as a direct result of your Scripture-founded messages.

Illinois - My children are going to be baptized very soon. God gave us this happiness through your broadcast.

Wisconsin - The need for a rebirth in Christ has been brought home so closely, that three members in our household were baptized recently.

Ohio - Your recent sermon on regeneration by the washing of the water has turned our thoughts to Christ, and we too have been baptized as a result.

Minnesota - Pastor --- recently baptized two in our family when we made up our minds to do this after your prayer-filled message on rebirth in Christ.

Missouri - Two at my home were baptized as a result of your constant plea for a rebirth in His name.


Our mission of the air has constantly emphasized the blessings and the importance of the Christian day schools and has invited parents outside our church to send their children to these schools, where "the fear of the Lord," together with the love of Christ, are both the beginning and end of all true wisdom. We thank God that an increasing number of homes have followed this appeal. They write us letters like these:

Iowa - We were so influenced by your radio program that we are now sending our two children to the local parochial school to receive religious training.

New York - Our three children are now receiving instructions in the Christian religion, thanks to our tuning in your radio crusade for Christ!

Michigan - Not only did my husband learn to accept Christ through your messages, but we are also sending our child to the Christian day school.

New York - Since hearing the Word proclaimed on the Lutheran Hour program, our hearts were touched, and we are sending our children to the Christian day school, where they will be instructed in the true faith.

Iowa - All our children are attending the day school to obtain Christian teaching since we have been listening to your Gospel messages.

Minnesota - We determined to bring up our child in the Christian doctrine and thus have decided to send her to the Lutheran school here. This decision was prompted mostly through hearing the soul-stirring radio addresses on your program.

Ohio - God graciously touched our hearts so that we were influenced by your broadcasts to send our children to the Christian day school.

New York - We are happy to report that all seven of our children are attending the local day school to receive religious training. This began after we became interested and listened regularly to your program.

Washington - After my husband and I were brought to Christ through hearing your Gospel messages, we also decided to have our children attend the Christian day school.

Massachusetts - Our four children are attending the Christian day school as a result of your radio mission.

Michigan - Two of our children were enrolled in the Christian day school here, since my wife and I were told of the Lutheran Hour and became interested in it.

Montana - Our five children are now attending the Christian day school here after we have heard the Word proclaimed on the International Lutheran Hour.

Ohio - We are happy to report that three of our children are being given religious instruction in the Lutheran faith, since we began listening to your broadcasts.

Illinois - Our children are attending the Christian day school after we were directed to it by your messages.


The radio is particularly helpful in reaching those who once confessed Christ as their Savior, only later traitorously to reject Him. Such people generally cut themselves off from all contact with the Church and refuse to attend services. However, by radio's powerful penetration, the Holy Spirit brings the appeal for repentance and return directly into their homes, even into the solitude of their own chambers, and often - praise His power! - into the hearts that are to be reborn through faith. Friends and supporters of the broadcast will treasure such statements as these found in letters from those recalled to the faith.

New York - Listening to your Lutheran Hour program made me go back to my church. I am ashamed to confess how long ago it had been since I went to church. Your sermon had much influence over me in bringing me back to church.

New York - I first started listening to your Lutheran Hour broadcast several months ago. At that time I considered myself a Christian, but hearing your sermon renewed my faith. Your messages are a great help to me.

California - Thank you for your message today! I heard God calling me back to my church. God bless you and the wonderful work you are doing! Being brought up Lutheran, I love to hear your broadcasts every Sunday. Please accept my little token! Perhaps you can use it in some way where it will help someone return to his church and God, as you have helped me today.

Pennsylvania - I remember your mission in my prayers and ask our Father to bless you. Through your radio messages I have been brought face to face with real things and have rededicated myself to Christ.

Iowa - Enclosed is a gift to help bring Christ to the nations. We have listened to your sermons for about eight years and have found great comfort in them. We had not been going to church for a long time. Your sermons have brought us back to Christ. We have taken membership in Saint Paul's Lutheran Church again.

California - I enjoyed your service this morning and was encouraged. One of your sermons started me back to church after a long absence.

Illinois - I can't say how happy I am to be home again, able to hear the Lutheran Hour. Dad didn't attend church before I left for the Army, but on my return he has been going to church with me every Sunday, thanks to you and the Lutheran Hour, which we hear every Sunday!

Kansas - Your sermons have meant much to me. I had an only brother who was brought back to the Lord, and I think it was mostly by your sermons and other good radio pastors. My brother died a year ago, and I am sending your broadcast a donation of what I inherited from him, a certain per cent I promised to the Lord's work.

Wisconsin - Thanks for the suggestions in your letters! Your radio addresses, directed to everyone listening, sometimes seemed made to fit my personal problems. I have really come to God, heart and soul. In one of your letters you suggested the sincere, honest, personal outpouring of the soul before God, and I can say that I, too, poured out my soul to Him. The fact that you took the time and trouble to write and suggest these things is making the Christian out of me that I should always have been. In your book, Courage in Christ, there is a sermon entitled "ON Your Knees America!" and through this I have been brought on my knees, asking God's forgiveness.

Wisconsin - I thank you for your literature. It reminds me of how I wasted my best years. I, too, have led a sinful life. I drifted along with a gay crowd, not dreaming I was defiling my soul and body; but since listening to your broadcasts for more than a year I have given up this way of living. May God have mercy on my soul! I have heartily repented. Thank God, you have opened my eyes and brought me close to Christ!

California - I know my Lord this morning. After listening to your sermon I rededicated my life to my Lord, and want you please to pray for me.

Rhode Island - I was brought up a Roman Catholic and at the age of twenty turned away from it, as I saw nothing in this religion which satisfied me. Not knowing any better at the time, I turned away from God altogether and even began to doubt His existence. I realize now that I was wrong in this. A few weeks ago when you were on the air, asking sinners to come to Christ, you said, "He will never forsake you." I felt that you were talking to me, for I had forsaken Him all these years. I have yet a lot to learn about Christ and want to understand more about Him and about what to do in order to belong to Him. I am thirty years old now and have two small children. I want to bring them up to be good Christians. Would you be good enough to send me some reading matter which would help me?


We have never intended to maintain the broadcast chiefly for the members of our own Church; and in an increasing degree those of religious groups other than ours form the heavy majority of our audience. It is a heartening experience, and one which gives us hope for a larger measure of true Christian unity, to find that many regularly tune in the Lutheran Hour and then send us appreciative lines like these:

Missouri - I have been listening to the Lutheran Hour for some time and am constantly amazed at the fine spiritual truths incorporated into your messages. Hence I should like to know how one may be placed on the permanent mailing list of your broadcast. Although I am a member of the Nazarene Church, I desire to make a collection of this valuable material.

Texas - I am a Baptist minister, and occasionally I announce the time and station of your program. Many of our people have listened to your messages with profit.

California - What a thrill I receive from listening to the stirring addresses on the Lutheran Hour! Last Sunday's message, "Prayer, Not Politics," was the best of that kind I have heard on the air. My prayers shall certainly be behind the Lutheran Hour. I am not a Lutheran, but have been a minister for thirty years in the Church of the Nazarene, I certainly rejoice in such messages as you have been giving forth.

Kansas - This is just a brief note to say we enjoy your sermons very much and have listened for quite a number of years. I, a shut-in with arthritis, am a member of the Methodist Church.

Territory of Hawaii - I want to say this much: your broadcast is very good. I live on the fourth largest island with my sisters and brothers. As for my religion, I have been a faithful member ever since my Baptism in the Kalaheo Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Oklahoma - It is encouraging to know that the Lord is blessing you and your marvelous work. You may be assured that I do pray for you and your program. I am a Methodist, yet in my estimation there is no Protestant denomination more worth while than the Lutheran. This is indeed a most vital period of the world's history, when the precious Word of God should reach every creature.

Illinois - We enjoy your services every Sunday morning. We get the broadcast over WGN. I wish the world could hear your sermons. Surely this would give the people a greater understanding and knowledge of Christian living. You and your association of ministers seem to preach the Gospel and the truth. That, I believe, is what people need to hear. I am a Methodist, but because of illness in my family I am not permitted to attend church services. We never miss hearing your services over the air. You are certainly doing a great work. May God bless you and strengthen you in this greatest of all work!

Oklahoma - I am a Baptist and love Christ very much. I went to Sunday school this morning, and came home, and turned on the radio. Then I heard your voice. Oh, how good it made me feel to hear a sermon on the Second Coming!

Virginia - I have been listening to your Lutheran Hour on Sundays. Your messages have a ring and a challenge which are true to God and His word and seldom heard from the radio or pulpit in this modern age. Your messages surely stimulate my soul, and distill a determination in me to be a truer, plainer, and more thorough Gospel preacher. I am a Baptist.

Iowa - Mary, my sister, and I are seventeen years old. We belong to Saint James Methodist Church. We are active members and enjoy the fellowship with God and all the activities of the church. Our minister last Sunday told us of your program called the Lutheran Hour. Today we listened and were very much pleased.

Nova Scotia - I am the superintendent of our Baptist Sunday school. I like your sermons very much because they encourage me to be a better follower of Christ

Oklahoma - I listened to a Lutheran sermon for the first time a little more than a year ago. While I am a thorough Baptist, I love the Word and am glad to have this small part in helping to spread the Gospel.

Colorado - I get a great deal of comfort and enjoyment from every one of your sermons. I pray that you may be able to keep up the good missionary work. I am a child of God in the Seventh Day Adventist faith.

Pennsylvania - I am a Presbyterian, but am deeply interested in the Lutheran Hour. I am enclosing a small gift, and I pray God that your work may prosper under His blessing.

Tennessee - I am a Presbyterian and stand wholeheartedly for the pure Gospel.

Washington, D. C. - I hurry home from my church, Episcopal, just to hear you. I can't tell you what spiritual help you have given me. May God continue to bless you!

Texas - For years I have been a member of the Methodist Church and have had my sons in their Sunday school, but the past few years this our church has not been teaching the Word of God to our children in the simple way I was taught. It is full of social and worldly affairs and has little spiritual life. I have been a constant listener to your Sunday school program on the radio for several years, and it was through your teaching I had the desire to change churches.

Pennsylvania - We look forward to your broadcast each Sunday, The writer, although Protestant, is a member of no church.

Tennessee - I happened to meet a Baptist preacher in a hospital. He said he would rather listen to your broadcast than any other.

California - Your sermons help me because they usually illuminate some Scripture passage and make the listeners eager to read some related passages. Your stories are uplifting and are positive illustrations. You are absolutely certain about Bible truths. I am a member of the Mennonite Church.

California - Although I am not of your faith, I want to pay homage to your broadcast. It is like the call of Christ to the faithful to rise and smite the unbelievers and Communists, who are devoting all their underhanded skill to enslave this nation as Joe Stalin has many of the religious people in other countries. As I am a member of certain clubs and societies in this city of Los Angeles, where Communism is making a plaything of the faithful, I would deem it a personal favor if you would mail me a copy of your sermon delivered over the radio this morning. I should like to read it to some of the "pinks" who have scoffed at the glory of God. During a conversation I had with a few of them, one said, "Religion is the opiate of the people, and if all churches were destroyed or turned into homes for the people, we could save enough money to pay all our debts." That is only a sample of the attacks they are planning against the churches in this nation.

Oregon - As a convalescing minister of the Cedar Hill Community Church, it was my privilege to hear your broadcast last Sunday morning. I enjoyed the service very much and appreciate the message from God's Word. Will it be possible for me to receive 100 copies of the message "God or Gold?" I would like to distribute them among my congregation.

California - We would like you to know that we listen to your program every Sunday night when we come home from our own church, the Christian reformed. The reception is good, and we like the earnest and sincere preacher. May God bless your good work! We hope and pray that many souls will be added through your stations and all others where the true Christian faith is preached.

Oregon - My husband is a retired Presbyterian minister, seventy-eight years old, having been in the ministry fifty-five years. His enforced retirement was a great disappointment to him, as he had hoped to be able to carry on as long as he lived. Nine weeks ago he suffered a stroke and is still confined to his bed. For almost a year we have not been able to attend church, so we look forward each Sunday to your message. You can understand why we have not been able to find much fellowship in our churches here in ---, as most of them are wholly modern.


It is a source of constant joy to us that practically every mail brings letters from Roman Catholic listeners. They are members of a church which opposes the principles and practices of Lutheranism; yet the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, as this is aired and emphasized by our Gospel broadcasts, causes many of these friends to tune in our broadcast every Sunday. Their letters reveal that many Catholics cherish the broadcast, pray for it, and support it financially. Priests have sent us commendations and contributions. They have written for copies of the messages and urged their members to tune in. How encouraging to receive communications from Catholics containing such comments:

New York -Sunday I turned on my radio. Your broadcast was very nice. I am not able to attend church and am depressed over it. I am a widow, working hard to support myself. I am a Catholic. May God bless you for your good work! I am grateful to hear it every Sunday.

Quebec - I am a Roman Catholic, yet every Sunday I tune in and am happy to say, I find peace of heart which lasts even after you go off the air. I hope it helps others as much.

Virginia - I hear your program almost every Sunday. I try and sing some of the songs with you. I am a Catholic, but the sermons from your church on the air are good and interesting. I can understand them.

New Jersey - Although I am a devout Catholic, I wish to let you know my mother and I are constant listeners to your Sunday radio sermons. They are inspiring. I hope this donation, though it is little, will help, if only in a small way, to lead more people back to God. I am doing my best to induce others to listen to your broadcasts.

Massachusetts - I have received your pamphlets and read them over and over. I am a Catholic, but I surely do appreciate the Lutheran Hour. Thank God for it! I pray every night for it, asking Him to give you the health and strength required to carry God's Word to all nations. Enclosed please find my offering!

New York - I heard your program last night for the first time. I am a Catholic and would like very much to learn more about Jesus Christ. Will you please send me a copy of your book?

Massachusetts - Mr. and Mrs. --- and their daughter and son-in-law have been helped considerably in their Christian faith. The Lutheran Hour revived their interest in the Lutheran Church to the extent that they looked up our church. Three of these people have presented themselves for Baptism, and they have remained faithful. Another member who was brought to us largely through the Lutheran Hour was formerly studying to become a nun, but somehow escaped from a convent in Canada. She became friends with a Lutheran family elsewhere in Massachusetts, who referred her to the Lutheran Hour. It gave her the conviction she sought; I confirmed her and shortly afterwards officiated at her wedding to one of the boys in the family which referred her to the Lutheran Hour. Recently I baptized their first baby. They have now moved to New Orleans. I keep in touch with them.

Washington - I enjoy your Lutheran Hour program very much. My husband and I listen every Sunday. We were brought up as Catholics, but we enjoy the Lutheran Hour. It makes us both feel fine all week.

Maine - I listen to your radio hour every Sunday; although I am a Catholic, I like your sermons very much. I live a two minutes' walk from the Lutheran Church here. The minister is one of the nicest men you could ever want to meet. I know him personally. I have been to his church, and it is beautiful. I am French, and my wife is English. We have a boy nine years old. I had him baptized Catholic when he was born. My wife is Universalist. I love your Church. I will very soon belong to the Lutheran Church.

Pennsylvania - I've been a constant listener to your radio broadcasts for a number of years. When I heard your marvelous discourse yesterday, I could refrain no longer from telling you I'm in full accord with your program. Even though I'm labeled Catholic, thanks to the Holy Spirit for the light, I see the "cardinal sins" on my own side of the fence. I am not ashamed of this letter, and you can advertise it if you wish, for I'm a practical Catholic, born a Catholic, reared a Catholic by a real Christian daddy, not a hypocrite. He went to church more than once with a patch on the seat of his trousers because he went for His sake. I go to church every Sunday because of such a dad. God will guide you all the way and give you strength.

Illinois - We have been listening to your advise and the lovely singing. It makes one feel good. I am Catholic, but we love all who work for God.

Havana, Cuba - I happened to listen to your interesting talk this noon through the station at Key West and would appreciate it if I could be favored with one of the emblem crosses. I am a devout Catholic.


No accurate figures have ever been compiled to show the number of sick, invalid, crippled, aged, and infirm in our country; but they must total several million. In one of the happiest services the Almighty permits the Lutheran Hour to render, we are able to reach many of these. Few letters we receive show more gratitude than those from men and women whom weakness, age, or disability prevent from attending divine services. Public institutions often arrange for the regular reception of our broadcasts; and the importance of the radio mission is more fully recognized as the privilege it is when we remember Christ's Word, "I was sick and ye visited Me," and then receive letters like these:

California - I love your truly spiritual broadcasts. Lately I failed in health and have been told that my ailment is sure to be fatal, sooner or later. If your people wish to join me in prayer, I will surely appreciate it. May the Holy Spirit be with you in all your work! Keep on preaching the Word of truth!

California - As I am a shut in, partially blind and residing on a ranch several miles from town, I am not able to get into town for church services. I hear your broadcasts over KHJL and enjoy the sermons very much.

Texas - Since I'm sick for many years and unable to attend church, the Lutheran Hour has been a great blessing to me. Words can't express how much I enjoy listening to your soul comforting sermons.

Tennessee - After listening to your good preaching, I felt impressed to write and tell you how much I enjoy the Lutheran Hour. I am a shut-in, and I've not been able to go to church for eighteen years.

Rhode Island - I thank God for men like you who preach the Word without fear of the people. You speak more Scripture in your sermons than any other minister on the air. May the Lord long spare you in health and strength for His service! I have been a shut-in for years.

Colorado - I am a pastor who has been visiting an aged man and his wife. They listen to the Lutheran Hour every Sunday afternoon. Because of advanced age they cannot regularly attend services in our church. The Lutheran Hour brings them the Christ-centered messages they need. Next Sunday they will be in church to receive the Lord's Supper, but they will also be at their radio at 5:00 P. M. to hear the Lutheran Hour. We thank God daily for keeping our program on the air. Every Sunday bulletin in my congregation carries an encouragement to listen to, pray for, and support the Lutheran Hour.

Illinois - I listen to your broadcast every week and enjoy it very much. I have been ill for years. I can't go out, and the radio brings all the consolation I have. I am going to send you a donation next month. I ask you to pray for me.

Washington - I listen to you every week. Being eighty-four and near the end of my journey, I am interested in where I might be going in spirit. I haven't been in church since my daughter was christened in the Lutheran church in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Missouri - I listen to your radio services every time you are on the air and receive a great benefit from each one. I am a shut-in and have been for over a year and a half now. My only hope in this life is in the knowledge that my next existence will be with my Father in heaven and Jesus.

California - My husband an I have listened to the great Lutheran Hour for a long time and have received many blessings from your Gospel sermons. My husband has become an invalid within the last year; he cannot go to church. He says, "The Lutheran Hour is my church." He faithfully tunes in every Sunday. He receives comfort and help for his shut-in days. Thank God for the radio! It is wonderful for shut-ins.

Illinois - I don't know what I would do if the Lutheran Hour discontinued broadcasting. I am an invalid and depend entirely on the broadcast for my Sunday church. I have had my prayers for a stronger faith answered since I have been listening in.

Wisconsin - I am sending a small offering for the Lutheran Hour, for I would like to help save others, as I have been saved. Your sermons have helped me from sinking into despair. I cannot attend church service regularly because of my health. Your sermons are just what I need.

California - During the past three years I have been ill and have had to rely on the radio for my sermons. Your addresses have been most helpful.

Arizona - For many years I heard the Lutheran Hour when I lived in Chicago. Now that I have moved here to the Valley of the Sun for my health, The Lutheran Hour is still to be found on my radio and is the more precious.

Michigan - We certainly appreciate the Lutheran Hour. One of our friends, whose hearing is nearly gone, comes to my room to listen. She has a new hearing aid and can understand every word. How thankful and happy she is now!

Illinois - I have been ill for a long time, unable to go to church, and as I listened to the radio last Sunday I heard your wonderful sermon. Words are inadequate to express how much that sermon meant to me. It was the first time in many years that I heard the real Word of God preached in its true meaning.

Rhode Island - I was blessed by your program today. I have very poor health and also have heart trouble. God is taking care of me, and I love Him more than anything else in the world. I am His and he is mine. Often my friends ask me if I'm lonesome, but my answer is, "No for Jesus is with me all the time, and we walk together. God takes care of all my needs." I thank you for helping me in all your talks. I am a shut-in hence I cannot go to church.

Ohio - I go to church but cannot hear a dozen words the preacher says on account of deafness and noise in my ears. I belong to the Church of the Brethren. I can hear you over the radio, and it stirs me up to do more to help people realize that they should give their hearts to Jesus and live Christian lives.

Colorado - I am an invalid suffering from arthritis and have been either in my bed or wheelchair for nearly twenty-one years. I spend most of my time writing letters, sending cards, much Christian literature, leaflets of all kinds. I am a child of God of Seventh Day Adventist faith. I get a great deal of comfort and enjoyment from every one of your sermons. I pray that you may be able to keep up the good missionary work till Jesus comes.

Virginia - I am a poor lonesome widow, confined to my room most of the time with rheumatism. I have a nice radio given me by the church. I listen every Sunday morning to the Lutheran Hour over WSVA, Harrisonburg.

Ohio - My husband is sick and cannot get to church. I don't know what we would do if we could not hear the gospel on the radio. That surely is a godsend.

Kentucky - My sister and I are not able to attend church regularly because of illness. We have been shut in more than usual this winter. Life would be dull indeed if we could not get the religious programs. On Sunday we prepare a small meal, one that can cook while we have our spiritual food. How we do enjoy your beautiful hymns, prayers, and sermons!

Pennsylvania - My Husband is paralyzed and has just had an operation. Thank God, we heard your sermon as we had just about given up hope! Your sermon gave us strength to go on. We are seventy-five years old.

Minnesota - My husband died in 1944, aged sixty-seven years. We both enjoyed the Lutheran Hour and did not miss it once. In 1941 he had a stroke which left him helpless. The last nine months he was bedfast. We got much comfort from your sermons. I hope that I'll never be without them. My six children are married, and are all Lutheran Hour listeners.

California - If you could have seen me at the bedside of my dear wife, who has been quite ill, as we both listened to your address of yesterday morning from Milwaukee, you would know that this letter is a very poor expression of what both of us really felt. We have recently undergone a double trial, two experiences as few are called upon to know. In both instances we have literally seen miracles.

New York - I was converted about five years ago in Burlington, North Carolina, after hearing your Christ- centered message. I was having trouble with my husband and asked you to pray for me. My husband was sent to prison for larceny, and the Lord placed me here in New York, where I have been able to make a decent living for my two children and myself. I know that God heard and answered your prayers for me. I was stricken with rheumatic fever when twelve or thirteen years of age, and now am thirty and feel that it is about to recur. I have had X rays of my heart and crippled limbs, but the doctors say that there is nothing they can do. I have faith in Jesus and believe He can heal me; so I ask: Please pray that my body may be healed, that I may become a fruitful worker of God and that I may continue to work for my children and teach them in the ways of Christ. Pray much for me!

Washington - This is to let you know that I enjoy the Lutheran Hour each Sunday. I am a patient in the Veterans Hospital here in Walla Walla. I have been in a body cast for nearly a year. Recently I received a small radio, and for the past three Sundays I have been able to get your program, the first religious program or service I have heard in nearly a year. I formerly ran a newspaper at Chester Nebraska. I always ran the press releases in my paper for you; so it was like hearing from home when I heard the program three weeks ago.

California - I am only sorry that I can't do more in my present condition. Being a disabled veteran, I have learned to know God and needed His guidance during my two years of hospitalization. I hope you are aware that you have done more to help me on my road to recovery than even I realize. Keep up the good course! I will try and help.


Few of us can measure how widespread sorrow is and how heavy the burden it imposes. Even many who appear self-confident and serene are often inwardly disturbed by deep-rooted anxiety and grief. Those beset by spiritual problems often have no religious counselor to guide them. Every Sunday they are invited to discuss their problems with us. Thousands have accepted this invitation during the fourteenth season, and we have counseled them on the basis of God's Word. Although their letters were treated with the utmost confidence, we feel free to present the following excerpts, after all personal identifications have been removed, to indicate some of their problems and show the help that Scripture-founded advise can give those who follow it:

Minnesota - I am a regular listener to your comforting sermons. Every Sunday after church services I tune in your broadcast. My brother and I are the only ones left at home. My youngest brother died several years age. Before I left for the Army, I was engaged to a very true and religious Christian girl. She wanted to get married when I was on furlough, but I said that we should wait until I returned home. While I was overseas my father took her to various places of amusement. She wrote and told me about this, and I wrote her that she should stop seeing my father, but she said that she was in love with him and he with her. My father asked my mother to give him his divorce, but she would not do it. Please pray that God will have mercy on their souls and open their hearts and souls to Christ, that they realize the wrong they are doing!

Pennsylvania - My husband was taken to the hospital for the amputation of his left leg. He was hospitalized four months and has just returned home. To add to that, my baby has to be put in a cast for a year. Please pray for us!

Minnesota - About three years ago you did a wonderful thing for me. I was about to have my second child, and because of a difficult birth I was frightened. Your letter and other materials brought me back to God. Despite a long labor I did not have any pain. We now have three children - two girls and a little boy. Now we find ourselves with another problem. Our oldest child suffers from asthma; so we decided to try another climate. The housing shortage has forced us to move into my grandmother's home. She is Catholic, very active in her church, and thinks it is her duty to convert us. We have all intentions of staying Lutherans, but she is trying to influence our little daughter. Can you give us some advice?

Windward Islands, West Indies - There is a stranger at your door; will you let me in this night? I am distressed, depressed, worried, and now I am applying for your aid. I am sick with pains, inward and outward. Last night I was lying down, groaning with severe pains in my abdomen, yet I listened carefully to your words, and a thought came to me, saying, Why not try and write to this kind gentleman and tell him of your troubles? My husband has become a very hard man through excessive drinking. Will you please pray for him to help him overcome this weakness?

Utah - I am a twenty-eight-year-old Lutheran nurse in the Army Nurse Corps. For the past ten years I have been subject to spells of depression, which have increased in severity the past few years. Last year at another post, during a severe attack which lasted several months, I sought the unofficial aid of the Army psychiatrist. He could not give me any means of preventing these episodes, and his only consolation was that they would decrease in severity as the years go by. These attacks have caused me much unhappiness. They affect the efficiency of my work and even my relationship with my friends and family. Even worse, during the last two attacks, I frequently regretted my presence on earth and often had suicidal thoughts. I know these are sinful, and I often wonder if during a possible future attack I might not do something more drastic. I know this is not the normal God-fearing life I should want to lead. If it were I would be able to lean more on Christ to get more help and comfort from Him. I attend church, have been reading my Bible, and pray to God especially to strengthen my faith, which I know is weak. I ask Him to help me overcome one weakness which I feel increases these episodes more than any other factor. But somehow, somewhere I miss out. Perhaps I do not put my complete trust in Him. I have never been able to feel the nearness of the Savior as I feel I should. He often seems like something apart and not quite tangible enough for me to rely on. I do want to have a strong faith in the Lord, which I particularly need during these mental depressions.

Maryland - I am a Catholic and have been married before. My first marriage ended in divorce after ten years. Ten years later I remarried, and we both are very happy. Can I, as a former Catholic, ever be forgiven by God for having been divorced, and will I ever be able to be saved?

Texas - A few weeks ago I wrote you to pray that my nephews would quit drinking. Today I had a letter from their mother saying they drank less this Christmas than they had in a year and promised her they would return to church. Then I thought of you and God at once. Please continue praying for them!

California - I have just listened to your radio talk and am truly impressed with your sermon. I am an East Indian student, not a Lutheran, but I believe in Christ. I am at loss to know which is the true Sabbath. According to a large number of Seventh Day Adventist ministers with whom I have spoken, Saturday, as stated in the Bible, is the Sabbath. But many millions are keeping Sunday. I appeal to you as a Lutheran minister to help clarify this question of importance.

Michigan - We have been married ten years. Both of us are working, and we have no children. We are not happy together and have not been for some time. Some time ago we both fell heavily into sin by committing adultery. My wife with another man, but nothing happened; then, later on, I committed adultery with another woman who is not married and never has been, and now she and I have a little boy, healthy in every respect. We have all prayed to God for forgiveness, and we are still praying, and we feel that God has forgiven us. I think a lot of the boy and would like to have him, and his mother loves him and would not give him up, and I can't expect her to. Please advise me if it would be God's will to get a divorce and marry the girl to make a home for the boy if she is willing to do the same. If it is God's will, my wife will give me a divorce.

Illinois - I am a widow, a gold-star mother, broken in body, crippled by a fall eight months ago. My son was killed four days before he was to be discharged. I gave him to this terrible World War as a perfect boy of eighteen, three years earlier. Now they have killed him. Two legs and arms were frozen and amputated. The telegram stated that he was in a plane crash. It is a lie, a filthy lie. I prayed to God to show me how he met his death. I am suffering and bearing all the pain of an injured spine and am under the care of three physicians. I am happy to be alive, but I would want my son, crippled as he was. I would still be able to feed him and wheel him in a chair. They murdered him. Yes, they murdered my one and only son. Please help me!

Minnesota - I am twelve years old, and have a sister ten years old and a brother eight years old. My father deserted us and is getting a divorce. Will you please write to my father or sent him a copy of the sermon you gave today? I know it would do good. He was a good man, but he drank. My mother would take him back no matter what he did. She cries for him all the time. We listen to your sermons every Sunday, and I'm positive you could do something with him. Will you please do that for me? I want my dad and mother together because I love them both very much. I would give anything to have both my mother and my father. I pray every night that my father would come home. I begged him, but nothing helped. I am sure that if you did, it would help. I don't want my mother or father to know I am writing this. Maybe the Word of God could comfort my mother! Please do that for me!

Illinois - Your letters, which I received while I was in the Alton State Hospital, meant much to me. At first, I really felt as if there were nothing left for me to try and get well for, but I did make it, thank God! I came home the first of June. I have my three children home with me now, and we are all so happy to be back together again.

Wisconsin - I am writing to tell you of a problem which exists in my home. My husband, who is forty-eight years old, is very irritable especially toward my two oldest children. He very seldom talks nicely to the children and does not seem to want them to have any fun or to go anywhere. He does not give me money to run the house, but brings home to eat only what he cares for. He seems to complain about everything and everyone. Please advise me and pray for my husband and the children!

Iowa - I was born and reared in a charity home. In 1940 I married a girl who was very wild. My mother died in the fall. Then in 1942 I was drafted into the Army. I was in the Army a year then discharged. When I got home, I found I had no wife at home. Ever since that time, things have been going from bad to worse. I have been kicked around from one place to another. I listen to your sermon every Sunday. I hope that you can help me find a new life. Above all, I want to be a Christian and lead a good life and have a good Christian wife to guide me. Will you help me?

Connecticut - I have enjoyed a fine friendship with a lieutenant in the Army for several months. We have freely discussed religion, and he revealed he was brought up Catholic but is out of that church now. He said he could not accept some of its teachings. While in the Army ten years, he has attended various Protestant services and at this time is interested in the Lutheran Church and attends services at camp. He is doing this also out of fondness for me. Six months before World War 2, this young man was stationed in the Philippines and frankly told me many of the boys "lived for the day." At that time he lived with a native girl (common-law marriage for six months). He was captured by the Japanese and was a prisoner for three years. While he was a prisoner this girl did much to keep him alive by getting food to him. Out of gratitude, he said he would get her to this country, should he ever come out alive. He was released after three years. In order to get this girl into the United States, they had to have their marriage of six months legalized, which happened five years ago. After arriving in the States, the young woman obtained a divorce at Reno, to which they both agreed. All this is contrary to my rearing and belief. The man is sorry about the whole matter and would like to start life anew and right. Should I continue my friendship with him or sever it at once?

California - Many months ago I wrote to you about my sister's son in the U. S. Navy. He had been courting a girl for a year but broke off with her last summer. She attended a Catholic academy in Hollywood. We have prayed much for him. To warn him I sent him Lutheran Hour literature on Catholic-Protestant marriages. Your office also sent literature direct to him regarding Catholicism. He is a bright young man; his eyes were opened through the literature as well as through our prayers and letters. We believe the Holy Spirit has led him to drop this courtship, for which we are grateful to the Lord. He is now home again, is a teacher in the Sunday school, takes part in prayer meetings, and speaks occasionally at the young people's meetings of our church here in Los Angeles. He is a student at Los Angeles City College. Now he is courting one of our own church girls who is a member of the choir and a leader among the young people. We thank God for answered prayer.


In few places on the North American Continent has the radio more clearly proved its penetrating power than in Alaska. While the larger towns there have churches of various denominations, the people in villages and especially isolated settlers, trappers, miners, who form a sizeable part of the population, often have no opportunity to attend church. The absence of roads helps isolate many, especially in the north and beyond the Arctic Circle. Therefore our radio mission, which broadcasts over all Alaska's four stations, is a mighty force in bringing the Gospel to the Far North. How our testimony to the Savior is received may be seen in the following excerpts from the Alaskan mail:

Myers Chuck, Alaska - We enjoy your Sunday afternoon messages over Station KTKN, Ketchikan. You are one of those pastors who preach the living Word, which declares that only through the shed blood of Christ is remission of sin for mankind and that there is only one way for man to be redeemed, namely, by accepting Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Seward, Alaska - I have been in Alaska since December 25, 1942. I work here for Alaskans, Aleuts, Eskimo Indians. I am enclosing a check for the Lutheran Hour and hope that it will continue to prosper.

Ketchikan, Alaska - Last Sunday, aboard a United States Coast Guard cutter, I turned on the Lutheran Hour. It came through very well, and I was so happy to hear it. The message and the singing were wonderful.

Copper Center, Alaska - We heard your Lutheran Hour this afternoon. It was transcribed and rebroadcast from Fairbanks, Station KFAR. We are missionaries, my husband and I, among the Indian nations here in Copper Center. It is good to hear a Gospel program like the Lutheran Hour 'way up here. We praythe Lord will continue to use the program to the salvation of many precious souls! We can tell you it is a blessing to us.

Windham, Alaska - I am sending something to help the Lutheran Hour along. I wish I could send more. Next year, God willing, I will send some more.


The Lutheran Hour is broadcast in each of the Canadian provinces over a total of forty-eight stations from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The response from listeners in all walks of life is so large and encouraging that two branch offices have been established to answer the volume of our Canadian radio mail. The headquarters for eastern Canada, located at Waterloo, Ontario, is directed by Reverend C. T. Wetzstein, while the Reverend W. A. Raedeke supervises the western Canada office at Calgary, Alberta. Herewith we express our gratitude to these two branch managers for their untiring services.

The results of our Canadian broadcasts show the power of God's Word outside our country. Even in districts of the Dominion where our church is almost unknown or widely misunderstood, our messages have been warmly welcomed and have been marvelously used by the Holy Spirit in winning souls for Christ, besides strengthening others in the faith. Acknowledgments like the following bring us great joy and assurance:


Bana Bay - I listen to your broadcast every Sabbath afternoon at 3:00 P. M., and I can truly say I enjoy it very much.

Fortune Bay - I would not miss your broadcast for anything. What a joy it is to hear someone preach these words of our blessed Lord and Savior over the radio!

Upshale Station - I write to say that I listen to your program. Every Sunday I hear it; I surely believe it is wonderful. As a believer, I am glad to know that the Word of God is being preached more than ever before. We want sermons like those you preach to bring us nearer to God - sermons that will strike home to the soul.


Forrest Street - I myself am a soldier in the salvation army, but I listen to all your broadcasts, as do others in the family.

Halifax - I was fortunate enough to tune in your Lutheran Hour this afternoon. Never have I listened to a more soul-stirring and faithful presentation of the grand old Gospel message of salvation. Such a message is bound to produce results. May God's richest blessing rest on your broadcasts!

Central Wood Harbor - Your sermon of last Sunday was especially fine and fundamental. I would greatly appreciate it if I could have a copy of that address.


Montreal - I listen with interest to your broadcast and find it rather touching. I never grow tired of hearing it. I am just as anxious now to hear it as I was when I first did so.

Port Saint Charles - I have been listening to your radio program for quite some time, and it brings much comfort into my heart whenever I feel that I stand alone in the world and no one cares. Your words of strength and consolation bring new hope, faith, love, and happiness. Although I have never missed a Sunday at church during the past two years, except when I was sick, your program has given me more faith in one Sunday than the two years of church. Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am for your Sunday morning Lutheran Hour.

Montreal - I listen to your programs on Sundays and find them very helpful and interesting. Last Sunday your sermon over the air was the most encouraging, helpful, and sincere message any Christian could wish to hear. I do hope that the thousands who heard that sermon would take it to heart, and that it may help them in the time to come. My fervent wish is that God will help your programs continue for a long time to come. I will be listening to you, and I wish you all power and blessing that God alone can give.


Allenford - I am one of the regular listeners of the Lutheran Hour. I am sending a small offering of fifty cents. I wish I had more. Although I am poor, I never forget to put away a few cents for the Lutheran Hour, since it is the only encouragement I have to carry on in life. I pray that every one of you will be blessed and strengthened to keep the Lutheran Hour on the air. I will try and again save a little sum and send it to you as soon as I can. God bless you all!

Seaforth - We have been listening to your Sunday morning broadcasts over CKNX, Wingham, for some time and have enjoyed every one of them. We need more preachers who will speak out the real truth as you do. The heart of man must be changed, or our world will be lost for all time. We are praying that God will bless you and your work for which we enclose $2.00.

Stoffville - We have just listened to the Lutheran Hour broadcast over CKEY, Toronto, and it has been an inspiration and blessing. Enclosed is $1.00, just a little offering for your radio work! My brother-in-law, a former minister, now partially paralyzed for a year as the result of a severe stroke, listens to your broadcast and receives help and encouragement. May God bless you in the work of the radio and spreading the Gospel of Christ our Savior!


Hythe - my mother is quite old now; we don't expect her to be with us much longer; yet she would not miss a Lutheran Hour broadcast. It has become something that we all look forward to, and our only regret is that it is not a daily broadcast.

Nordegg - Listening to you this morning, I surely felt the need to find the way of living closer to God. I am a North American Indian, living away in the wilds of Alberta, where it is hard to get to any place of worship. I sometimes have visitors. One of them was surely impressed by your talk.

Calgary - Thank you for the booklet! I never miss reading my Bible. Please accept my small offering! We never miss the sermon each broadcast and only wish it were one hour.


Winnipeg - We like your Sunday morning broadcasts very much. We are both without vision; so you know the radio service means much to us. Please send us a picture of Jesus for our little girl, whom the Lord has blessed with perfect sight!

Brandon - I was saved through your wonderful Sunday programs, which I like very much. I am very glad of the work you are doing for Jesus. I would like you to know that I am standing behind your work with constant prayer to the dear Lord, asking Him to bless your work.

Solsgirth - We are always so pleased to hear your sermons, often hearing them several times in the day. Enclosed find a small offering for your radio work. May God bless you and it!


Regina - Enclosed is a check for $100 for our favorite radio program.

North Battleford - We are regular listeners to your broadcast. We like to hear you preach the true Gospel so clearly and uncompromisingly. Even if we are not Lutherans, but of a different church affiliation, we are glad to hear you.

Kamsak - I listened to your broadcast today, and it interested me very much. Please tell me more about the Lutheran Hour, for I want to tell others about it!


Cranbrook - We enjoy your broadcast on Sunday mornings, especially the invalid ladies I have staying with me who cannot go to church. Quite a few who did not know the way to salvation have heard your Gospel messages in my home.

Kamloops - Many thanks for the literature you sent me! I am here at this home of rest for a while. Your broadcast messages are a great help in healing body and mind.

Vancouver - We are more or less isolated here in the country and eagerly, yes impatiently, wait for Sunday mornings to listen to the Lutheran Hour. Accept this small donation to help with the radio ministry!


Our work in the West Indies began in 1940, when we secured our first station in the Dominican Republic. Since then the broadcast has so increased that our message is aired in every country south of the Rio Grande to Panama, and may be heard on all the islands of the West Indies. An increasing number of friends, eager to receive the Gospel, tune in regularly, invite others to listen with them, and find in the broadcast a source of spiritual information and strength. A large missionary force would be required to give the Gospel to the people in the countries listed below, whom Bringing Christ to the Nations reaches week after week. We hope that our readers will share the thanksgiving which is ours when we receive letters like these, and join us in thanking God for the faith they show:


Nassau - I listen regularly to your tremendously inspiring messages in which you really bring Christ to the nations.

Hawkins Hill - I have heard your program for the last five Sundays, and I enjoy it very much. It is through two of your faithful listeners that I have become one to stand by you in prayer. May I give you a slight description of myself? I am a native of Nassau. I am broad in the shoulders and am tall in height - about six feet, four inches. Every time I go to young people's meeting, somebody sings out, "Here comes our young giant."

The Current - We listen every Sunday to your service, and I do pray that God will bless you in your work day by day. Only eternity will reveal your work. So go on and on! Do your own part faithfully, and great will be your reward!


Pembroke - I enjoy your Gospel message over the radio. I pray that the Holy Spirit may bless you, guide, and protect you through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Pembroke - Through listening to your program I have received rich blessing and strength. I am asking a special interest in your prayers for my family and me.

Somerset - Greetings in Jesus' precious name! Oh, how I enjoy your broadcast here in Bermuda! It has been such a blessing to my soul! I had to drop you a line to let you know that we hear you down here. I am praying that you may always stay on the air.


Belize - Please rush to me copies of your sermons which you promise to send on request to those who are trying to find the Lord! Please send me as many as possible; also any other pamphlets and books which will help others find the Lord! I want to help my friends find Him as I have. I have been listening to your broadcast for about two years.

Sittee River - We tune in every week to hear the broadcast. I tell you we surely enjoy it, and we hope that the Almighty may keep your broadcast on the air.

Belize - I have heard your broadcast in the service of Jesus a few nights ago, and have enjoyed it very much. It was very clear, loud, and instructive. I earnestly hope that Almighty God will give you health and strength to guide you to continue your good and important work in His service and for the benefit of mankind in general.



Bridgetown - I have listened to your broadcast on Sundays and I wish to inform you of the blessing it has brought to my soul. I find myself living much better than before.

Saint Michael - I feel it is my duty to thank God for the privilege of writing you in behalf of your soul- arousing illustrations of the Gospel. I am a member of the Christian mission, but I tune in station HCJB.

Saint Michael - We tune in HCJB every morning, evening, and night to pick you up whenever you are on the air, for we love a going-to-bed blessing. We don't fail to lift you up in prayer in our morning devotions.


Kingston - I'm seventeen years old and gave my heart to the lovely Lord in 1937. I serve my Lord by giving out tracts, especially among the children whose hearts have not been hardened by sin. My one desire is to know more of my Lord. I pray to the Holy Spirit always to reveal more of Christ to me. I want humility and real, true love for my Lord, which will enable us to do everything for Him. My prayers for you and all Christian missionaries ask that you who seek to proclaim the good tidings will never cease. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you all!

Stony Hill - As I listened to your radio message for the first time last week, my soul was richly blessed. I assure you that your messages are reaching the hearts of needy souls. My sister and I live together, teach at the same school, and do Christian work. I am praying for you, that you may be strengthened to do more for the Savior. May your messages reach the needs of Christians and sinners!

Old Harbour - Each week I listen to your broadcasts, and they have been a source of great help and inspiration to me. May God bless and prosper the good work which you are doing! I tell my friends and encourage them to tune in HCJB regularly.


Antigua - I listen to your sermons every Sunday and find them inspiring. I sincerely hope that the work will be carried onto bring souls to almighty God.

Saint Kitts - We are all workers in the --- church here, but we have grown into the habit of listening every Sunday morning to your  radio lectures both through Puerto Rico at 7:00 o'clock and straight from America at 7:30. We feel it is a good beginning for a day of worship. We are greatly inspired by these lectures to perform at our best the simple duties we can do in this great work for the Master.

Antigua - Every Sunday morning since we got our radio I have listened to you. From the first Sunday I heard your service, I made it my duty to call all my neighbors to come and join in your service.


San Fernando - I am a regular listener to your Monday evening broadcast, Bringing Christ to the Nations. I haven't a radio, but my daughter has one, and I go to her home to hear your lecture. I can assure you that your broadcast is well received.

Port-of Spain - Being one of your listening fans, I congratulate you on such a program, a program which I must say is beginning to take an effect on me so that I wish it were broadcast every day.

Princes Town - I am interested in hearing your radio broadcast over station ZFY, and although I work away from home, I always try to reach it in time to listen to your service, which I enjoy very much.


Castries - I hope to be able to send you a gift, for your sermons are inspiring and remind my family always of our creator to whom we owe everything.

Granada Isle - It took the Lutheran Hour program to awaken in me the sense of duty to my God. I wish to make it clear that your influential programs have prepared me to accept the true and loving Savior as never before. Through the Lutheran Hour I have been brought to a better understanding of the Holy Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Castries - Our entire family always listens to your inspiring sermons, and we are always reminded of our Creator, to whom we owe our listening. I hope He will bless you always to continue your work.


Cristobal - Sunday nights, when I enjoy your broadcast, I feel greatly blessed.

Cristobal - How much I enjoyed your broadcast about Christ in Gethsemane! I am a Seventh Day Adventist. Your program come clearly over the air right into the home. It means much to me.

Balboa - I am praying for your broadcast and ask that you pray for me also. We appreciate your program and are blessed spiritually by it.


San Jose - I sincerely wish you a blessed and fruitful continuation of your broadcast. May you prosper in health, even as your soul prospers!

Heredia - Sunday after Sunday I listened to your messages. I like them very much. Please send me some literature for further indoctrination!

Alajuea - One of my neighbors asked me to listen to the Lutheran Hour. At first I was reluctant, but I listened anyhow. Allow me to congratulate you upon such soul-stirring messages! I had never before heard anything like them. I shall keep on listening.


Matanzas - Your programs are an inspiration and a great help to us. May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom and strength to continue to witness boldly for the Lord Jesus and His kingdom!

Oriente - With great pleasure I heard your very interesting and instructive program yesterday afternoon. Your message conveys teachings which are good for every human soul. Permit me to congratulate you for the part you are doing toward humanity - its moral uplift!

Placetas - Every Sunday I tune in the Lutheran Hour. Thanks to it, I now accept Christ in my heart. Your words also tell us to follow Jesus' example. I admire your preaching, because it is Christ-centered. Please pray for the salvation of my soul! Also send me some of your literature!


Domingo - After listening to you diligently week after week on the Lutheran Hour, I am undertaking a little missionary work in my neighborhood. I have invited people to my home to hear the sermons of the Lutheran Hour over my radio, and they flocked to hear. I have to interpret for them, for I speak English, French, and Spanish, and I belong to the Lutheran Church.

El Cercado Benefactor - Even though I do not know you, I congratulate you for the Lutheran Hour. While I was visiting some friends, they turned on the Lutheran Hour. We heard the sermon "A Clean Heart." Six other persons who also listened were highly impressed by the teachings set forth in your message.

Ciudad Trujillo - Your voice was clear. Your preaching was unexcelled. I shall keep on listening to your messages. They are a comfort to me in every hour of tribulation.


Curacao - We sit and listen to your broadcast night after night, and how much my family and I do enjoy it!

San Nicholas - I have heard your broadcast several times on my radio, and I appreciate your sermons very much. I sit down during the time of your sermons and listen attentively. Please send me copies of your marvelous sermons! I hope to hear from you and would like for you to send me a prayer for morning and evening to protect me, that the Lord may help me on my way. I am about 700 to 800 miles from home. May the Lord help your sermons that they may hit stronger and stronger!

Curacao - The listeners of your programs here appreciated them very much. I am sending you a picture of myself and of others who listen to the Lutheran Hour.


Tecpan - I have had the precious privilege of hearing you on the air 9:00 to 9:30 P.M., an hour earlier than Eastern Standard Time. I am glad to pray for your precious radio ministry and for all other Gospel broadcasting. I also pray for the establishing of Gospel-broadcasting stations throughout the world.

Guatemala City - I feel it an honor to write to you, even though I am Roman Catholic. My family also belongs to that church but listen with true devotion to the messages of the Lutheran Hour, which gave spiritual uplift to us and our home.

Guatemala City - Permit me to congratulate and thank you for those moments of spiritual joy which you impart to our homes through your Gospel messages. We ask God to bless the noble task you have undertaken and ask that you may not grow weary in your efforts.


Port-au-Prince - Your programs are greatly appreciated; we find them very faith-strengthening. We congratulate you for your wonderful and interesting sermons.

Port-au-Prince - I would like to send you these few lines to tell you that our whole family listens to your marvelous Gospel addresses every week. They certainly are a blessing to us, and we thank you for making it possible to hear them.

Port-au-Prince - We enjoy your program and hope that it will remain on the air.


Nacaone - This evening I heard your broadcast through "The Voice of the Andes." What a blessing that station is to us! May God continue to bless your broadcast and the speaker!

Gracias - I congratulate you for the work you are doing for the glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord, in telling many souls of salvation through faith in Him. I have received great joy in listening to the messages of your world- wide broadcast. We listen with great rejoicing and reverence.

Tegucigalpa - Every Sunday a group here listens to your program. It means tremendously much that we are able to here the Gospel over the air lanes. It brings rich spiritual blessing into our hearts.


Anahuac - Your preaching filled my heart with joy and courage, especially the sermon, "True Freedom from Fear." I shall listen every Sunday and want to be ready to do God's will.

Anahuac - There is no doubt in my mind that your messages are the means of salvation for many souls. You preach the true and full Gospel of Christ crucified.

Tampico - Your comforting words gave me courage. Thanks to God, I have the opportunity  to listen to the inspiring sermons of the Lutheran Hour, and that divine truth gives me strength to continue enduring my trials with patience.


Bluefields - I have been spiritually benefited by the Lutheran Hour. It is very interesting, and I look forward to it. May God richly bless your program!

Managua - The Lutheran Hour is real spiritual food for my soul. I am a miner and gather together a group of my co-workers to hear your program. These men listen attentively to your messages, and they are also showing in their lives the fruits of their faith in the Word of God and in His Son. We hope to take an offering and send it to you to help in spreading the Gospel.

Bluefields - We are sending you a check for the benefit of the Lutheran Hour. We truly hope that this broadcast will be able to continue preaching the Gospel.


Ancon - Being a constant listener of Bringing Christ to the Nations, I have the pleasurable duty to rebroadcast it to our large listening audience over the "Voice of Panama." Those of us at the station certainly do enjoy the sermons. They have acted as a soothing balm, showing that Christians are still alive and fighting for the things for which Christ died. By the grace of God we intend to continue delving into His Word, whereby those of us in ignorance may be brought to the light. We wish you continued success in the performance of so noble a work for suffering mankind.

Cristobal - How I thank God for permitting your broadcasts to come over the air! They bring spiritual light and blessing into our sin-darkened hearts.

Colon - May God's richest blessings continue to rest on you constantly! We daily thank Him for granting us the privilege of tuning in your splendid Gospel sermons.


Manati - I am very happy to hear your broadcasts each Monday and Friday, and i urge you to continue them, for they are a rich blessing to many souls. May God, day by day, shower you with His choicest blessings!

Arecibo - The Lutheran Hour is heard here on Mondays, and we anxiously wait for the time of its broadcasting. I wish I could stay all day by the radio, listening to you. The preaching and the hymns are beautiful and, above all, of much spiritual value to the listeners. May the Lord bless the fine work of the Lutheran Hour!

San German - I consider it a great loss when I am not able to listen to your sermons. They are real spiritual food for my soul and the means of strengthening my faith in the Savior. May the Lord give you wisdom to continue preaching the Gospel of Christ, so that the Lutheran Hour may be a blessing to the nations in general and to individuals in particular! Please pray that my faith in Christ may increase! I know that God hears the prayers of believing Christians, and that He answers them according to His will. Please send me some more literature and sermons!


San Salvador - I am a faithful listener to the Lutheran Hour. The messages are truly Christian, comforting and of great spiritual insight. Please send me some of your literature!

San Salvador - I am a Roman Catholic but have found in the messages of the Lutheran Hour truths that are profoundly educational, moral, and spiritual. Your Spanish orator is outstanding. The messages are wonderful.

San Salvador - I sincerely congratulate you on Bringing Christ to the Nations. Your messages have brought great benefit to me, and I hope that they will have the same effect on all who listen to this Christ-centered program.


Fredericksted - I would be delighted if you would send me about six Bringing Christ to the Nations pins to give to my friends in telling them about your broadcast.

Saint Thomas - For quite a while I have listened every Sunday morning to your Bringing Christ to the Nations services and have enjoyed them very much.

Saint Croix - I am writing these few lines to let you know how much we appreciate your fine broadcasts.


We praise divine direction for the fact that the Lutheran Hour is broadcast and heard in every South American country, and for the further proof of the Holy Spirit's power that our messages, although opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church, are thankfully received by the multitudes. Complex problems which arise in answering letters from more than a dozen different nations covering the continent were solved by our branch offices, one in Rio de Janeiro, for the Portuguese programs in Brazil, under the direction of Pastor Rudolph Hasse, and the other in Buenos Aries, for the Spanish programs throughout South America, under the direction of Pastor A. L. Muniz. We take this means of expressing our gratitude for their faithful, efficient service. In many cases our broadcasts brought listeners the only evangelical appeal they received, and the response in some countries, notably Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile, was so encouraging that we feel the door has been opened there for the establishment of new missions by our Church. Here are a few typical replies from South American listeners:


Provincia Buenos Aires - I am a faithful listener to your broadcasts and try never to miss a Sunday. Your messages are my spiritual food, and I thank God that He has given me the blessing to hear the Word of God right in my own home.

Estacion Urquiza - May God bless the Lutheran Hour! I don't miss a single broadcast. The whole family listens every Sunday. My children are not so willing to listen to our pastor, who cannot preach in Spanish. Your program comes to us as a blessing.

General Campos, Entire Rios - We are very poor. We live way out in the country. We cannot attend the services of any church. Because of my faith, I am content with my poverty. The Lutheran Hour comes to remedy our need. God bless it!


La Paz - Permit me to say that it was a blessing to me and my family when we listened to the Lutheran Hour in our own language! We hope to be able to keep on listening every Sunday.

La Paz - Our family hears your program each Sunday. We find that your messages are soul -stirring. Please send us literature regarding the way to salvation!

La Paz - Last Sunday I listened to your wonderful message on the Lutheran Hour. My sincere congratulations, and may God bless you in your work!


Sao Cruz Do Rio Pardo, Sao Paulo - Will you please send me six copies of the sermons preached over the Portuguese Lutheran Hour as well as any other literature you may have?

Rio de Janeiro - Every Sunday night our family listens to your broadcast. How can I co-operate with the Lutheran Hour? I shall distribute the News among my English-reading friends and pupils and also hand them your literature.

Minas Gerais - I listen to the Lutheran Hour. Many, many persons who come to my home admire your programs more and more. We regret that the programs come only once a week. We are doing everything possible to make them known among the people.


Rio Berbice - I have wanted to write many weeks ago to say how edifying and spiritually instructive the Lutheran Hour has been to our home but have always been postponing it until today, when the urge to write is irresistible.

New Amsterdam, Berbice - It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to you acknowledging the worthy inspiration I have received from you broadcast. Since I have been tuning in your services, I have gained much in spiritual growth.

Demerara - I do hope that the Lutheran Hour is getting on nicely with God's help. When I tune in a Lutheran Hour broadcast over station ZFY, British Guiana, I wish that it never had an end, because I enjoy it very much. The sermon is very touching, and the hymns are beautiful. This wonderful service, which has enlightened me very much, shows that the Holy Spirit is really working through the Lutheran Hour.


Mulchen - With great pleasure I listen to the Lutheran Hour. The message, "Let Us Look to the Cross!" was of great spiritual value to me. Please send me a printed copy! I want to distribute it among my friends here. I should like to know where your church is here in this city, so that I may attend. I congratulate you on the great cultural and spiritual work you are doing and also on your positive sermons.

Valdivia - I am an active Protestant church worker, and your programs have been a great help to me in the work that I am doing in the name of the Lord. I, too, work among the young people and the ladies' aid. May the good Lord bless you and all the workers of the Lutheran Hour, so that it may continue uninterruptedly! Send me some of your printed literature and sermons for distribution among the people here!

Santiago - I have just heard a transcribed program of the Lutheran Hour. We find it a real blessing to our souls; we live far away from home in the midst of a strange people with a strange language.


Boyaca - For some time I have been considering the possibility of putting some phonographs up in believers' homes up in the mountain valleys, where I cannot visit often, and have them play records of Gospel messages in Spanish, inviting their neighbors to listen in. I should like to know how I can secure your records with music and Gospel messages. Can you send me records direct from the states, so that we could thus spread the Gospel in the isolated areas? If you have any tracts in Spanish will you please send me samples and keep me on the mailing list for new materials in Spanish.

Barranquilla - These lines are being written to ask for the literature you offer in your fine program. I assure you that I shall be grateful for your courtesy.

Barranquilla - I am writing to ask you for copies of your sermon, "A Clean Heart," which you offered over the radio. This message impressed me very much. My daughters and I listen to you with much interest and devotion.


Paramaribo - We are still constant listeners to the program and derive rich spiritual blessing from your messages.

Albina - We are regular members of your radio audience. I know that a number here derive spiritual blessing through the Christ-exalting messages of your radio mission.

Paramaribo - I received you letter, the sermons, foreign broadcasting station lists, and the picture of Christ at prayer. I am thankful for everything.


Quito - I have heard your programs a number of times and find them not only interesting and different from the usual run of programs, but also elevating. Recently I heard your broadcast while I was a few miles out at sea off the coast of Valparaiso, Chile. My friends have asked me to include them in my reques for a gold cross.

Quito - This morning I listened to the Lutheran Hour, and God's Words were powerful and loving. I am glad that you proclaim Christ's Gospel and nothing less, and I shall always pray that God will bless your work, and that many will give their hearts to Christ Jesus. This program gives me strength to "nail my colors to the mast," and I praise God for this special blessing.

Guayaquil - Through station HCJB we hear the Gospel appeal of the Lutheran Hour each Wednesday evening. How our hearts thrill to the message of salvation through grace, by faith in the Savior's blood! We urge others to listen in. We shall continue to tune in regularly each week.


Asuncion - Every Sunday I listen to the Lutheran Hour; I receive great comfort from your messages and the hymns. May God bless this work of faith which you are doing!

Encarnacion - Through your radio broadcasts the Holy Spirit has brought a great blessing to our hearts and lives. May God's richest blessing continue to rest upon you!

Asuncion - Last Sunday I heard the wonderful Lutheran Hour program. Please send me a copy of the interesting, Christ centered message that was preached on that Sunday!


Carma - God bless you, so that you may continue bringing your messages to our families! I shall do what I can to tell others about your program. Send me literature and other material!

Lima - Without God we can do nothing. I have found this out in my life. It did my soul good to listen to your sermon yesterday. I shall keep on listening. Remember me in your prayers!

Arequipa - We shall never begin to tell you what overflowing benediction God has showered on us through your radio programs. May our heavenly Father continue to bestow on you His mighty blessing!


Departmento Paysandu - I am a Roman Catholic, but I enjoy immensely the programs of the Lutheran Hour. They have served to correct in my mind false ideas I had concerning Lutheran doctrine. I thank God that I have been led to listen to your messages. Christ is now to me not a stern judge, but a loving Savior. Please send me additional literature, so that I may obtain more knowledge about the Redeemer!

Colonia Valdense - Your messages have helped me search Holy Scripture. They are also of great value to those who are in need of knowing the way to salvation and also of faith-strengthening power to those who already believe. Please accept this small offering, and may it help in spreading the good news to all the nations!

Ombues de Lavalle - For a long time my household has followed your program with deep interest. We wish you success in your work for Christ, in order that the Lutheran Hour may go forward and be the means for healing souls that are troubled and bowed down. May you bring many to a knowledge of their Savior and their salvation!


No churches on earth need Gospel support more than those in war-wrecked Europe. Even the victorious countries have paid a shocking price for their triumph, and in defeated lands hunger, devastation, disease, and poverty are driving masses without Christ into the depths of despair. Therefore praise God for His goodness in granting us the use of powerful radio stations through which we could beam the promises of the sustaining Savior to many sorrow burdened sufferers! Our chief center of broadcasting was radio Luxembourg, which with its 500,000 watts of power may be heard in practically any part of Europe. Other stations used were radio Monte Carlo and Radio Normandie. During this fourteenth season our messages in Europe were sent out only in English, although plans were laid to use other languages. We were gratified, however, by the wide reception our messages enjoyed, not only in England, Scotland, and Ireland, but also on the continent. Letters similar to those that follow should bring joy to all who have worked and prayed for the broadcast, just as they fill us with determination to establish a superbroadcasting station in the heart of Europe which, day and night will send out the saving Gospel in a dozen different languages:


Suensbruch - I listened to bringing Christ to the nations today, and I was very much moved. I am thankful to my Redeemer that he has such a man who can so bring the words of Jesus so near to the people as you do. God bless you and all children of God who fight with you for his kingdom!

Gernbach - I think it is wonderful to see that the holy Gospel is producing manifold fruit in every country of the world and that your widespread service is truly Bringing Christ to the Nations, even to listeners in Germany. I tune in to your program each week.

Dornbirn - I have been brought closer to Christ through your radio ministry.


Brussels - I am so glad that the broadcast is at 11:00 P. M. on Saturdays, as well as in the morning, because my sons can also listen at that hour. Please continue to remember us in your prayers, as we do you and all your work for our blessed Lord and Savior!

Brussels - I thank you for your message. I assure you that I shall listen again next Saturday. It came as a surprise and a very pleasant one to hear such a fine sermon in my own language from Luxembourg. I will indeed remember you in my prayers and ask our heavenly Father that the message may be blessed and bring forth much fruit for the Master.

Antwerp - I listened to your message tonight, and I hope to become a useful member in your beautiful work of bringing Christ to the Nations.


Faarhus - I have just listened to your program from Radio Luxembourg and found it delightful. Though I do not understand English well, I understood most of your marvelous sermon.

Roskilde - My parents asked me to write you in their name. They have listened to you every Saturday for a long time. Our prayers will follow you through your work in Bringing Christ to the Nations.

Copenhagen - A group gathers in my home each week to hear your challenging Gospel sermons.


Fawley, Southhampton - Thank you for your for your very helpful talks on Saturday morning and evening! I shall never miss listening again, if I can possibly help it. I tell all my friends to do the same.

Sheerness, Kent - My wife and I listened to the most inspiring address given over the radio yesterday evening and pray that it may be the means of bringing many souls into the glorious knowledge of forgiveness of sin through faith in Jesus' atonement and death for our guilt. We wish you God's richest blessing in your broadcast. May many souls be led to glory through your efforts!

Guernsey, Channel Island - Three weeks ago my son tuned in Luxembourg. With great joy I heard your Gospel message come over the air. I am a Christian and am thrilled to know the message is reaching so many in this way. May God bless you and all those who are taking part in this work! I, too, have been much blessed and will endeavor to get others to listen.

Peterborough, Northampton - I am encouraged by your words and thankful that I can hear your broadcast from Radio Luxembourg Saturday morning and evening. May God bless you in the work He has placed upon you, and may we see many souls turning to the Savior!

Horncastle, Lincoln - I was quite interested in your broadcast yesterday. We are situated in a lonely spot, therefore your messages are very comforting.

Hitchin, Hertford - We listened to Bringing Christ to the Nations and were very much impressed by it. We think the program is a great success and will listen again.

Doncaster, Yorkshire - Having listened to Bringing Christ to the nations and enjoyed every word of it, I am urged to tell you we have enjoyed it.

Heathfield, Sussex - Listening to your program for the first time on Saturday evening, we were amazed and thrilled to hear such a straightforward, clear Gospel message. It was really grand. One seldom hears God's Word proclaimed fully on the radio in these days. I am sure there are many who deeply appreciate such a ministry as you seek to give in the name and for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless this witness to His saving and keeping power in the building up of Christians in the faith, that we may be drawn closer to Him day by day, also that the Holy Spirit's blessing may come to the unsaved, as they hear of the Savior's love. May many feel His touch upon their lives, heed His call, and come out for Jesus Christ, whom to know is Life indeed!


Menton - Having heard the last two radio transmissions of Bringing Christ to the Nations, I, a faithful Roman Catholic, will join with you in prayer and wishes for a peaceful world, and for understanding between all Christian churches.

Menton - I want to tell you how much I have appreciated your services on the radio each Sunday. The messages were really comforting during my illness.

Nice - I have listened to your program and enjoyed it very much.

Menton - I was very much interested in your sermon on Sunday morning, and I have the intention of listening each successive week. The broadcast was something quite new in my experience and I wish the directors all possible success.


Bielefeld - I was very much moved, when I heard the sermon of your service which was transmitted by Radio Luxembourg today about noontime. I intended to hear music, but my attention was fixed by the fervent words of the preacher.

Neustadt - I listen regularly to Bringing Christ to the Nations. I want to use your series of sermons for our Christian young peoples meeting. I beg you to send us copies of the sermons regularly.

Siegen - This morning I heard your transmission for the second time. I find it most helpful.

Hamburg - I shall never forget how much needed strength I received from the international Lutheran Hour after I tuned in the broadcast. It makes us feel good to know that on the other side of the ocean there are brothers in Christ, too, whom we can hear speak and sing, who give us comfort and happiness and strength of soul to withstand the heavy burdens laid upon us, especially here in Germany. We tell our brethren in our parish about your American broadcasts, and we often pray and look up to the same God whom you proclaim.


Doesburg - Thank you for your broadcast today! Please send me your broadcasting schedule. I have to teach on Saturdays. It is a fact that I cannot do without your broadcasts. They do not fail to produce a beneficial effect on me.

Leeuwen Ben - Every Saturday morning I listen to Bringing Christ to the Nations. It is a wonderful program and always gives me new hope. Because I am eighteen years old, I look into the future, wondering what it may bring, and when I listen to the news on the radio, the future seems dark, full of trouble, difficulties, was, etc., and it makes me ask: "What will become of this world?" But when I listen to Bringing Christ to the Nations, my heart is filled with happiness, because it tells me that there is someone stronger than war, trouble, and sorrow. Please tell me how I can help this program bring many, many people to Jesus, that they may know where to find rest and happiness!

Doesburg - I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful message broadcast from Radio Luxembourg. We will pray for you. May the Lord bless you!


County Sligo - I listen to your broadcasts and certainly find them helpful. For years I was a confirmed atheist, but lately I have been thinking there might be some value in Christianity, if I could understand its message.

County Antrim - My friends and I tune in Radio Luxembourg every week to listen to your radio addresses, which are very interesting. A friend who lives one hundred miles from here was the first in our acquaintance to here your services. Since then we have told all our friends about the program, and everybody is delighted to hear you.

Bangor Down - Only the past few Saturdays I have had the privilege of hearing your radio service, because on the other Saturdays I worked. Your program encourages us to pray, and we shall, indeed, also pray for you in this effort to bring Christ to the nations.

Cork - I am a Roman Catholic but enjoy listening to your radio service. Please pray for me and my mother! I have been out of work and my mother is not well.

Bangor Down - I am very much interested in your broadcast and look forward to it every Saturday evening.

Athlone - Just by the merest chance I turned to Radio Luxembourg this morning and heard for the first time what I considered to be the real Gospel preached as I have not heard it preached for years. It can and will do a lot of good for the Savior's world.


Mamer - I listen to your program and like it very much. I work for the Lord and will do all I can to help this broadcast.

Esch-Alzette - I listen to your talks on the radio and find them inspiring and helpful. If you distribute leaflets or literature, I shall be grateful to receive copies, for your talks are elevating and stirring.

Luxembourg - I have been brought to Christ through the Gospel heard on your radio program.


Monte Carlo - I listen to your program every Sunday, for I cannot attend church. I am seventy-eight years old and can see with only one eye, in addition to being weak and having a bad cold as a result of the cold winter in Monte Carlo. In view of all this you can imagine what a godsend it is to me to be able to listen from my own bedroom.

Monte Carlo - I'm regularly following the Sunday broadcasts of Bringing Christ to the Nations.

Monte Carlo - Many thanks for the beautiful calendar I received from you. It is very much admired by my friends and gives me a good chance to speak about you and the wonderful sermons we listen to every Sunday morning over Radio Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo - I love your Sunday morning programs and ask all my friends to listen in. Your sermons are a comfort to me, for I cannot go out in cold weather because I had an operation on my eye and the other is almost blind.


Lillehammer - We say from our hearts: Thanks for the glorious preaching every Saturday from Luxembourg! It is the best hour of the week for me. Please keep on with it, and broadcast oftener if possible! I love to hear the preaching from your blessed Bringing-Christ-to-the-Nations program. God bless you all!

Vestfold - I am not normally a deep religious person myself, but there is, I must admit, something that is convincing about your radio program. It is impressive, and I find myself listening to it, even if I had no real interest at first.

Langesund - We have been listening to Bringing Christ to the Nations over Radio Luxembourg. We derive rich spiritual blessing from these broadcasts.

Lillehammer - We listen to your services and glorious preaching from Luxembourg. We enjoy your wonderful singing, too. God bless you! We are praying for you!


Glasgow - Thank you for the grand broadcast, Bringing Christ to the Nations, which I hear from Radio Luxembourg! It is a real inspiration to hear a powerful Gospel message over the radio, and I trust and pray that this service may yet be expanded.

Lanarkshire - I should like to know more about your Bringing-Christ-to-the-Nations crusade. I listen regularly to your Saturday evening broadcast, and I agree with you on the sinful state of the world today. Please let me know if there is any way I can help Christ's cause, such as distributing leaflets, etc. I receive your broadcast from Radio Luxembourg on the long wave.

Aegyll - I have heard your broadcast and was greatly moved by it.

Kirkcaldy - I had the pleasure of listening to your program on Radio Luxembourg and must say as a follower of Jesus Christ that I was moved by your stirring messages. I remarked to my friends that it was a long time since I heard such Gospel truth coming over the air.


Goschiavo - On Sunday morning I was greatly interested in your service which I came upon by accident while searching for another station. Yours came through beautifully.

Vaud - I am writing to thank you for your uplifting talks on Radio Luxembourg every Saturday and to tell you how much Bringing Christ to the Nations means to me. It was this program that first awoke me to the realization of the joys of the Christian life, and I feel that I already owe you very much. I ask you personally for spiritual comfort and guidance.

Bern - Praise God for giving me a safe journey to Switzerland and for helping my mother, who was very ill and who is now much better! Thanks for your prayers and God bless you! Enclosed find my offering of $10.00 for the Lord's work!


Merionethshire - I have listened regularly to your inspiring messages over Radio Luxembourg every Saturday, and I thank you sincerely for the wonderful blessings I have received through them. Indeed they have been the means of grace and spiritual enlightenment to me, and I can truthfully thank my Creator and God that He has spoken to me through you. I pray earnestly that many like myself will come to the same knowledge of such a wonderful Savior through your radio messages.

Holyhead - Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to the religious broadcast over your short-wave station. I shall look forward to your next broadcast, when I will listen again, and hope to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed you last Sunday.

Carmarthen - I hope that you will continue with your wonderful work and that we shall hear you more often. I thought your sermon, which I heard for the first time this morning, was wonderful. I confess that I do not go to church, but you certainly have made me think differently.

Glamorgan - I wish you every success in Bringing Christ to the Nations. Never before have I heard such challenging addresses over the wireless.

Glamorgan - Prayers have gone forth from our little chapel, "Bethel," asking God to bless your speaker so that through him many souls might be saved. I should like to have some of his sermons, so that I can show them to my friends, many of whom are not Christians. They would be read in our Christian Endeavor meeting, too.


Our first Arabic programs, together with Spanish and English messages, were aired from Radio Internationale in Tangier, Africa. Enemies of our faith spread rumors declaring that the Lutheran Hour was part of a plan to overthrow Islam in its political aspect. A local newspaper fanned these falsehoods into flames and demanded that our Arabic message be banned from the air. The issue became political and was taken to the Sultan. Rather than run the risk of personal injury or having their station bombed, the owners decided to discontinue our Arabic sermons, although it still airs them in English, Spanish, and French. Temporarily the Crescent has triumphed over the Cross; ultimately, of course, Christ will win. Pray for this victory!

In South Africa, however, the Savior's cause has recorded a glorious triumph. Here we use two large stations, one in Lorenzo Marques, Portuguese East Africa, and the other in Angola, Portuguese West Africa. These operate with so much power and so many frequencies that our broadcast covers South Africa. Here we use not only the English language, but also Afrikaans, the Dutch dialect spoken by many South Africans. We thank God for the privilege of announcing that the Lutheran Hour receives more mail in Afrikaans than any other radio program in that language. So great has been the response to our radio mission that during the fourteenth season it was found advisable to establish a Lutheran Hour branch office in Johannesburg. This is under the direction of Mr. G. J. McHarry, for whose unselfish leadership we are grateful. How marvelously the Holy Spirit has blessed our efforts in Africa may be seen from these letters:


Masern - We are able to hear the blessed message of Bringing Christ to the Nations in this distant land through the Lourenco Marques station. How eagerly we look forward to the arrival of your program time each week! May God's richest blessing rest upon you constantly!

Morija - We can never fully thank God for having brought us your blessed Gospel messages. We are far from any Christian church and therefore appreciate the radio program all the more.

Wepener - I know that each week many in this community hear Bringing Christ to the Nations. Our family is blessed through your fervent Gospel appeals. I hope that God will give you many more opportunities to serve Him.


Astoma - I obtain help and comfort from your broadcast. Please send me a gold-cross pin to wear in the lapel of my coat. I assure you of my heartfelt thanks for your most comforting broadcast.

Kurumas - How pleased I was to hear the Gospel on the air in the Afrikaans language! It builds up my soul to hear the Word of life over the radio. I shall continue to listen each week.

Vryburg - May I express my deep appreciation for your fine message of bringing Christ to the Nations? My entire family and I have listened with great benefit. Thank God for your message!


Cape Town - Just a short note to tell you how we rejoice on Sundays to listen to your services! We can be sure of a blessing.

George - For the last several years I have gone to church only because I felt it my duty to do so. Since tuning in the Lutheran Hour last Sunday night and hearing your sermon, I have found something new in religion, something that is not a duty but a pleasure. Christ and Christianity are no longer a vague something which cannot be understood. Now Christ is life.
Elizabeth - When we received your two calendars, we were very much impressed by them. I enjoy your Lutheran Hour services on Sundays. My brother, my parents, and I sit around the radio and listen in. I think your chorus is very good, too. If there were more programs like the Lutheran Hour, the world would not be so wicked.


Dundee - We have listened to your broadcast on Sunday evenings and like it very much. We tell our friends also to listen in.

Durban - We heard your service over the air on Sunday evening. I must say we really enjoyed it very much. Truly it was a blessing to our soul. May God use you and have many souls saved through your ministry over the air!

Howick - I listen to your services every Sunday evening and enjoy them immensely. These broadcasts make me think of my daily life, and I see my many mistakes and sins. I owe a lot to your messages. When I am feeling depressed, I think of the messages you give each Sunday, and they cheer me.

Durban - Please send any sermons or leaflets of the Lutheran Hour! Blessings on your broadcast in the years to come! I hope that millions more will turn back to their Maker through your services.

Newcastle - I have been telling everyone about your wonderful radio broadcasts, and all the people have assured me that they would tune in these services. Since I have heard the Lutheran Hour, I am a changed person. I have learned a lot from your sermons and have even passed it on to those around me. I fervently pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to pour His richest blessings on your great and wonderful mission work!


Shabani - We hear your programs every week and receive rich spiritual blessing from them.

Mufuliva - Thank you for your recent broadcast which I heard here, and also for the previous programs. I was blessed by the message and pray that God may preserve you for many years.

N'kana - Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of tuning in Bringing Christ to the Nations. Will you please send me further information regarding your program? I shall listen each week.


Heilbron - We enjoy your broadcast very much. We feel that God has given us the radio, not only for the use of concerts and newscasts, but also for the use of His Word.

Ladybrand - This is to thank you very much for the Bible picture card and papers received. I find the reading matter interesting and the picture with the Good Shepherd among His sheep lovely. I pray for you and the great work you are doing for our great Master.

Petrussteyn - I listen to your program often. It is an inspiration to us.


Gatooma - I have 112 employees here, and I tune in to your services for them. I have put the lovely pictures around the meeting hall.

Plumtree - I thank God for your full Gospel words of life and for the stations that relay them. We in this remote spot of the world have very little chance of hearing the pure Word of God and look forward to our Sunday hour with you so many miles away. God bless you with a rich harvest of souls!

Bulawayo - Your radio sermons have brought us closer to Christ.


Klerksdorp - Thank you for your really fine sermons broadcast every Sunday evening from Lourenco Marques at 7:00 P. M. They are inspiring and enjoyable, and the way you deliver them is worth listening to. Please keep it up!

Johannesburg - As a listener of the broadcast of the Lutheran Hour, I wish to let you know how we appreciate the stirring messages we receive. I hope that they will continue the good work that must result in help, comfort, and advice to so many that need these in our stricken world. God's blessing on your endeavors!

Nelspruit - We have been listening to your programs of the Lutheran Hour for approximately a year now, and we have enjoyed your services. We encourage you in the preaching of the Gospel. Many nowadays have the belief that people are Christians merely because they attend church.

Pretoria - One Sunday evening, months ago, my husband went to church in the city, while my daughter and I stayed home. Just by coincidence we tuned in the radio and became interested in a wonderful sermon, at the end of which they announced Saint Louis, Missouri. We realized that that was America, so we again tuned in the following week. My husband was also present this time. You have a wonderful message. We wish you and your radio work God's greatest blessing. To us it means a lot; we look forward to it. It encourages, inspires, reprimands, and advocates Christ in such a practical, loving manner that results are inevitable.


Tananarive -How mightily God has blessed us through the Gospel appeals of your radio mission! We thank Him daily for giving us the privilege of hearing your mighty Gospel messages.

Fort Dauphin - I heard your program last evening and was thrilled by its forthright Gospel appeal. I shall be numbered each week among your faithful listeners.

Moramanga - I will never miss one of your Gospel broadcasts, because I have received rich spiritual blessing through these programs.


During the fourteenth season a few Australian stations were added, making the total number of our outlets "down under" forty-six. We are grateful to the Reverend Clarence Zweck for his continued supervision of our Lutheran Hour branch office in Adelaide. Our broadcast, which is Australia's largest religious program, covers practically the entire continent; and during the second year's activity the number of letters received at the Adelaide headquarters as well as the general interest in our radio crusade showed a decidedly gratifying increase, even over the enthusiastic welcome extended the opening broadcasts. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia, under whose auspices the Australian Lutheran Hour functions, is financially unable to pay the entire cost of broadcasting; however, we are glad to report that the contributions from our brethren and Australian friends outside our Church show a steady and encouraging increase. Here are just a few short letters from the several Australian states, where radio tubes are called "valves" and radio programs "sessions":


Newtown - We have been listening to your wonderful sessions for some months now and have been greatly blessed by your inspiring messages. We pray that your service to the Lord will continue leading many to know Him "whom to know is life eternal." We thank God for all His faithful servants, among whom are the faithful of the Lutheran Hour.

Killara - I have been enjoying your talks for quite a number of Sundays now, and am writing to express my appreciation of this session. I am a university student and find peace in Christ, especially as I draw close to the exams. The rest of the family are beginning to be interested in your sessions, and I would like to ask you for some single copies of past talks so that we may gain the most out of them, as I find that taking notes is not quite sufficient to preserve them.

Sydney - My wife and I have been listening to the Lutheran Hour every Sunday for some time now, and we always receive a blessing when hearing your address. I have spoken to a number of my workmates and advised them to listen to your session.

Menindie - I thank you for the comfort I receive through listening to your Lutheran Hour every Sunday afternoon. It gives me great consolation and strength to battle on through the week's toil and hard work. I am working up here and have no church near, so your message helps one on the way.

Penrith - Some time ago, while receiving a letter from our postman, I noticed he had a small cross pinned on his coat. I asked him what it stood for and he invited me to listen to you on Sundays, which I have done since. I pray God's blessing on your work for Him.

North Coast - Around this little town we have several listening in. Our Baptist minister always tells his people at his church services to tune in the Lutheran Hour. Our chemist loves the messages.

Temora - Our daughter works in a hospital where a Baptist lady who has been bedridden for over twelve months is very much interested in your broadcasts. She asks the nurses to tune in a half hour before the session begins, to make sure she does not miss it.

Ashfield - Might I say, sir, that I am very appreciative of your radio session, in which the Gospel of Christ is faithfully preached? Would to God that there were more men in the churches today who, like you, are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! I, too, am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is a joy to me that your session, so alive with evangelical fire, is presented to the world.

Kingsgrove - I would appreciate some copies of your address which was broadcast last Sunday. Your messages have been a blessing to me; I would like to distribute copies in this locality.

Tenterfield - Just a line to say that I listen to your hour with a great deal of pleasure, profit, and spiritual uplift. Thanks for your outspoken message and especially the Gospel according to our master! Surely He does and will bless your effort to extend His kingdom. Only the life to come and the heavenly home we know will be ours will reveal the numbers converted and brought to that kingdom through your message.

Saint Leonards - For many months I have had the joy of having the Gospel presented in the power of the Holy Spirit. This message has helped my family to accept Christ as their personal Savior. To me this is a very precious message and has given me the opportunity to tell others as requested. It is because of this reason that I desire to help others come to Christ, that I require pamphlets to pass on to my friends and customers.

Concord - Having just purchased a wireless for myself, I think the session I most enjoyed was the Australian Lutheran Hour this afternoon. Being a nurse, I work on Sundays, too, and can get to church only on rare occasions; so you can imagine how we appreciate your speaker. From now on I will be tuning in every Sunday, if my hours off coincide with the Lutheran Hour. I am a Lutheran myself, but one of my patients who is not has heard and is interested in the broadcasts and has asked me to write also in his behalf and tell you that he enjoyed listening.


Pelican - Your broadcast has been a help to us. My mother, my brother, and I have started reading a chapter from the Bible each night after tea, and we would like you to teach us something about praying. We believe that prayer is one of the most important things, because we cannot do anything without the help of God. Will you please write and teach us something about it?

Cairns - My husband an I are much stirred by the blessed and inspiring message that we hear on your broadcast. We look forward to it each Sunday, as it gives us a lift toward heaven to hear the truth spoken. We sincerely hope that many are not only uplifted by the broadcast, but that many may be brought from darkness to light. We wish your labors Godspeed and blessing.

Jandowae - We are all interested in your message, and I do pray that God will bless your work for Him. I am sure it will prove a great blessing to many others. We are miles away, and I do love to be among God's people. I will remember you in prayer.

Brisbane - I continue to listen to your broadcast each week, and it is a great joy to me to hear the offer of salvation in Christ in such a powerful way. I pray that many souls may be won for Christ by these broadcasts.

Bundaberg - My husband and I are interested in the Lutheran Hour session on Sunday nights, and we would be glad if you would devote this amount of money to the advancement of your work.

Bundaberg - Your radio messages on the air every Sunday night are well spoken and you present the material quite clearly, so that one cannot fail to understand the messages. I pray that God will richly bless your work and enable you to carry on for many years to come.


Murray Bridge - I have listened for some months to your broadcasts, and it is with a deep sense of thanksgiving that at last we hear such fearless proclamation of the Gospel, without compromise, through the medium of radio, which unfortunately, be it said to our shame, is often used to pollute the air.

Roseworthy - I feel that I should convey my thanks to you for broadcasting such inspiring addresses this afternoon. I miss the Lutheran services very much when away from home, and it is fine to be able to listen to your services here at college. May God see fit to allow the continuation of these fine broadcasts!

Nidottie - My four sisters and I often listen to your services on the air. We appreciate them very much and wish them every success. Because I am a crippled girl, I cannot always attend services; one of my sisters has to take me to church in an invalid chair; yet I can always listen to your welcome services and hope they will continue.

Prospect - I have two little girls who are never tired of hearing the story of Jesus or anything in any way about Him. They have both been very sick in the past few months, and at times my nerves almost reached the breaking point; but each Sunday afternoon I find time to listen to your sermon, and it makes me feel much better in body and mind.

Gawler - We have again listened to you broadcast today. Thank you! God bless your work! Sunday does not seem complete if for any reason we must miss the broadcast.

Klemzig - I listened to your address a few minutes ago and decided to write immediately. Although I do not belong to the Lutheran Church, I hear your broadcast for spiritual comfort and guidance, as there is no church of my denomination near and my children are too small to travel far. However, since listening to you speak, we have picked up the threads of Christianity again, and our eldest, only three years old, knows that God watches over her.


Moonah - I have listened with interest to your addresses, which have uplifted my soul. I am pleased to hear such a simple and clear declaration of the Gospel of the grace of God.

Launceston -For some time past I have listened with growing interest to the stirring messages from the Lutheran Church. Both my wife and I belong to the Gospel hall (Open Brethren). Your messages have been a real tonic to us both, and we have wholeheartedly supported your work in our prayers.

Devonport - My wife and I wish to express our thanks to God and you for the messages you are giving over the air; we have just listened to one. It is true that when Christ comes into the home and is received, there is peace and joy, yea strength in the hour of danger.

National Park - I have just listened to another of your addresses, and I congratulate you sincerely.
You have the gift of presenting to your listeners a message which in our hearts we must admit we have always sought: a message full of wisdom and truth, which you so simply laid before us that even a child could not possibly fail to understand. You and others endowed similarly are the world's only hope as events, without doubt, portray the necessity for divine interference.

Launceston - I want to thank you for introducing the broadcasts of the Gospel. These addresses are excellent. We remind our people in our church services each week to listen, and I know that they are enjoying them immensely. We would be willing to distribute any number of his sermons in our district if they are available. All the best in this great work!

Hobart - I feel that I cannot let this opportunity pass without writing these few lines to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy your messages over the air on Sunday afternoons. It has been a great spiritual uplift to us, and we derive great blessings from them. God bless you as you labor for the Master, for your labors for the Lord are not in vain! Only eternity will tell the souls which have been snatched, as it were, from the burning. Our prayers are with you.


Penshurst - I still listen to the Lutheran Hour regularly, and I am still learning a lot from each message. I thought I was a good Christian and knew all about Christianity, but I will have to learn a lot, and I am learning from your messages. May God bless this wonderful mission and all who make it possible!

Barnawartha -With great joy I listened to your hour tonight for the first time, and I hasten to write and tell you that I, and all my family, are members of the household of God and lovers of the Lutheran church, although we are Methodists. I am twenty-two years old, and for the past six years have known the full joy of Christianity, though I first professed Christianity and longed to be a real Christian when eight years old. It is the only life worth living and I fail to see that it is hard. Christ makes everything easy, and since I really found Him, I have not ceased to be happy.

Rainbow - I am writing to thank you for the glorious Gospel messages you broadcast every Sunday. They are truly comforting and sustaining. May God continue to bless your preaching in bringing in the souls of those who have heard but not heeded Him who died that we might live! Enclosed is a gift in appreciation and thanks for your wonderful message.

Lockington - I listen to your broadcasts each Sunday, and they are of valuable help to me, as I do not enjoy good health and often cannot get to church. All who listen to your broadcasts are much impressed by them.

Wonthaggi - I have told many people from my pulpit to be sure to listen to your broadcasts, and many have spoken of the blessings they received. I wish to convey to you my support in this great work to which God has called you. I shall remember you in prayer.

Parkville - I am a Canadian bride of an Australian serviceman, and we are both pleased to have the Lutheran Hour on the air here, having appreciated it so much in my own country. I have personally met some Lutheran persons here who have long ago drifted away from the Church but have begun to listen regularly to your broadcasts. May the Lord grant His blessings continually, that all may be brought to the true faith!

Geelong - Thank you for the sermons which you so ably deliver over the various stations to which I listen! I am an eighty-five-year-old listener who has heard the preaching of God's word during his whole life. Now that my faith and hope need to be greater than before because of my age, I find your words the most inspiring I have ever heard.

Keynton - I wear the cross on my coat lapel, and it has been helping me to witness, especially to my fellow students at school. My father, mother, and I always look forward to the Sunday session and enjoy it very much. My father is not a Christian, and I am hoping that the Holy Spirit will use your talks to bring him to Christ. He is very much interested in the session and would not miss it for anything.

Cobden - I am the eldest of a family of eight; we seldom miss your bright sessions each week. They are helpful in many ways. One can't ever go wrong if one remembers the Savior and trusts in him.

Brighton North - For many weeks I have listened in and looked forward to your broadcasts. I am an invalid and have not left my room for many years. I cannot write as much as I should like to. My eyes are painful and dim. I am eighty-one years old.

Kew - I write to say how much my wife and I have appreciated the addresses given by your Church. The good old Gospel ring in them surely will bring blessing to many listeners, and we pray you may be enabled to continue them. May God greatly water the seed sown over the air, that it may bring forth much fruit!

East Malvern - Picking up your broadcast on Sunday morning gave me great pleasure. It will be my regular feature each Sunday. I have been in an invalid chair for twenty-five years and get great pleasure and comfort from the church services over the air.

East Saint Kilda - Friends and I are becoming enthusiastic listeners and are unanimous in their praise and thankfulness to God for such a glorious Gospel. Not yet have we had over the air Gospel preaching so forceful and so inspiring to God's people as yours.


West Leederville - I wish to express my appreciation of your session. You preach the Gospel more clearly than anyone else I have heard.

Fremantle - Words cannot express the joy it gives us to listen to your Lutheran Hour, and we thank God that it comes into our homes every Sunday. We have divine services only every six weeks.

Merredin - We listen to your messages regularly and find them inspiring. They are what we want today, and they are the first real live messages I have heard on our radio. May God bless you in your work, and may your broadcast go into even more quarters of the globe that it does at present!

West Leederville - I have just listened to your broadcast and praise God for the wonderful message. As a student for the ministry (Methodist) I am conscious of the necessity for real Gospel preaching. Today as never before our people are in need of the soul-satisfying salvation of Jesus, and the work which you are doing must indeed have our Savior's blessing. You have been filled with the Holy Spirit that we cannot doubt. Who can judge what the results of these broadcasts will be?

Perth - I was simply astounded and thrilled as I listened to your address, "What have They Seen in Thine House?" It was wonderful, given by the power of the Holy Spirit. I determined there and then to write and tell you about my appreciation for preaching the old-time Gospel and its powers. Alas, one does not hear many such talks these days!

Fremantle - Enclosed is a donation for the Lutheran Hour. Living 180 miles from the station, I found this radio message is a blessing. We have services only every six weeks, and this radio sermon now keeps us over the remaining Sundays. This radio Gospel session will be a blessing to the far-scattered population in this state, where Sunday is mostly spent in sports.


One of the heaviest wartime losses to the Lutheran Hour was the suspension of our broadcasting in the Philippines. Before the Japanese took Manila, the American authorities dynamited the super-power radio station KZRM, on which the Lutheran Hour had been aired. Within five short years our broadcast was back in the Philippines and was heard over seven stations. Once more the Gospel had triumphed over its enemies.

We also secured a powerful station at Suva in the Fiji Islands, where our Gospel messages were warmly welcomed. Here, as elsewhere, in many distant and isolated Pacific islands, the radio's far-reaching power proved itself a mighty and effective agent in spreading the Gospel, as these letters testify:


Suva - Last night was the first time I had heard the Lutheran Hour. I thank you for the inspiring sermon. I have only a fair knowledge of English, but I understood every part of the sermon and could hear it quite clearly. The hymns, which the choir sang, were beautiful.

Suva - This is to let you know that many of us in the Fiji Islands enjoy your efforts to give out with no uncertain note the message of hope to the dying world. The need is great in your country as well as here. We need your prayers. I would that in humility my life be hid in Christ Jesus, my God.

Suva - I am a Fijian lad who listens to the Lutheran Hour. I thank you and all those who participate in your hour of service.


Kauai - We have been enjoying your messages on Sunday mornings and have found them a blessing. We thank God for this means of reaching souls who may not have an opportunity of receiving the Gospel. You will find enclosed a money order for thirty dollars, a gift from the Koloa Baptist Church to help you in your work of winning souls through the means of the radio.

Pearl Harbor - How happy I am that the Lutheran Hour is being broadcast in the Hawaiian Islands! I wish you much success in this undertaking.

Kauai - Yesterday I heard your radio program on this faraway Hawaiian island. I was glad to tune in the broadcast over here, for I used to listen to you when I was on the mainland. I am always glad to hear the Lutheran Hour. The blessings of God rest upon your activities for Christ and His kingdom!


Frankton - I recently had the pleasure while tuning in overseas broadcasts to pick up the Lutheran Hour. I listened keenly to all that was said and especially enjoyed the hymns. May God's richest blessing be ever yours, and may you ever impart the Gospel to your many listeners, so that some souls will seek in Christ forgiveness of their sins, and learn to live and walk in His footsteps!

Halcombe - It is not often that I am fortunate enough to be at home or near a wireless on a Thursday afternoon to hear your God-sent Lutheran Hour, because my duties in the Post Office do not allow me this privilege. Nevertheless, owing to illness, I was home and heard your wonderful sermon today. The reception out here in New Zealand is perfect.

Saint Hilda - Thank you very much for your messages! They have been helpful. It is just lately we have been able to tune in, so that there are still many more helpful messages to hear, and we are beginning to look forward to 3:00 o'clock. My minister (Baptist Church) is thrilled with your messages.

Halcombe - It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be able to tell you that we are still able to hear Bringing Christ to the Nations every week. By tuning in a short wave on Thursday afternoons, we get a clear reception.


Manila - I told our pastor about your radio talks, and he became interested. I gave them to him to read. I am very glad to attend your services and listen to your broadcasts. Even before the war I was an enthusiastic Lutheran Hour listener. I never fail to tune in on Sunday morning. I go to our church rather late, because I wait until your hour is through. I will try to give generously to your mission of the air.

Manila - I hope you will not be the least surprised upon receipt of my letter because even through those three terrible years of Jap occupation I still kept your precious letter. To my sorrow I have lost my radio. The Japs bayoneted it. Radios are very, very expensive now.

Malabon Rizal - I have been enjoying the privilege of worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ through your broadcast every Sunday. It has led me to the path of God.

Nueva Ecija - Even before World War II I was an interested listener to your broadcast. My family and I enjoy it and are receiving inspiration and help from it. I believe you would help us more if you could have messages in Tagalog for the benefit of those who are not well versed in English. In that way you could give a chance to our nationals to develop as radio preachers also, besides helping thousands of radio listeners.

Manila - I never miss your broadcasts and am greatly interested in them. I would like to send a greeting card to each of those who are still being converted. My prayers are for your success and the salvation of my friends.

Manila - I have been a regular listener to your broadcasts and with my fervent prayers wish that your continued presentation of the Gospel find a place in every home of the world.

Manila - For a long time my family and I have been constant listeners to your Sunday broadcast, and we have been inspired and blessed by your songs and messages. Every time I hear them, I am inflamed in my desire to do more in the saving of souls, for I, too, am working in the vineyard of the Lord. May God continue to bless you and open means for you to push forward His great work which He has committed unto you!

Tarlac - I have been a faithful listener to your radio broadcasts even before the outbreak of the war in 1941. As I live in the province, it was only recently  that I again heard your broadcasts over the radio. At first I could not make myself believe that you are still the same militant preacher after the five years I was unable to hear you. You can rest assured that in this faraway land, which is almost 10,000 miles from your country, there are evangelical Christians who listen to you broadcasts every Sunday. America's greatest contribution to our new Republic is the introduction of the Gospel. No amount of material progress can make us forget the work of the early American missionaries in the evangelization of the Filipinos. I am praying for your great task of spreading the Gospel through the radio in all lands and hope that your efforts will be successful, especially in our country, which should be rebuilt not only materially, but also spiritually.

Cavite City - I listened to the Lutheran Hour sermon last Sunday and was deeply touched and blessed spiritually by the sermon. I will hear it every Sunday.

Manila - I have just heard your broadcast over station KZPI, Manila, Philippines, and it has truly done me a great deal of good in my spiritual well-being. After I've listened to the broadcast, I feel I am a new person, redeemed, cleansed, and saved from sin in this corrupted confused world in which we live. I have found the newness of life by taking and believing Christ, since I've heard your most inspiring sermon.


The contributions to the Fourteenth Lutheran Hour were larger than those of any previous year, although, owing to the summer slump which every all-year program experiences, the fiscal year ended with a deficit of approximately $90,000. Nevertheless, we have abundant reason to thank the Holy Spirit for leading our listeners to contribute almost a million dollars! This divine power becomes the more evident when we recall that network regulations strictly prohibit us from asking for freewill contributions. While we consider this regulation discriminatory and unfair, since other organizations (Red Cross, Metropolitan Opera, and similar civic and charitable agencies) have been permitted to appeal for funds, we thank God that He helped us overcome this handicap. We pray, too, that He will continue to move many more cheerful givers to share part of their blessings with our broadcast.

The Lutheran Hour is not underwritten or endowed; it is purely a work of faith. Under God, its continuation and its expansion depend on the prayers and gifts of every one who reads these lines. Therefore we take this opportunity to present these various ways in which individuals or organizations can support our mission of the air:

1. Personal contributions sent directly, or through congregational treasury, to the Lutheran Hour, 3558 South Jefferson Avenue, Saint Louis 18, Missouri. All Lutheran Hour contributions are deductible from Federal and State income taxes.

2. Membership in the Acres for Christ movement. By this method, which is offered particularly for rural listeners, a portion of land is dedicated to the Lord, and the proceeds of its yield are given to the broadcast.

3. Sponsorship of a foreign broadcasting station for amounts ranging from $150 upward. Friends of Christ have the privilege of assuming the financial responsibility of broadcasting for an entire year over one of our stations.

4. Memorial wreath cards. These beautifully colored folders record contributions to the Lutheran Hour in memory of a deceased relative or friend.

5. Special thankofferings. Many listeners, grateful to God for the return of their loved ones from military service, for deliverance from danger, or from some special blessing recalled by birthdays, wedding days, or anniversaries, recovery from sickness, successful operations, successful business ventures, have been happy to show their thanks to God also by a generous gift to our radio mission.

6. Lutheran Hour Annuities. Friends of the Gospel may contribute a larger sum of money to the broadcast and yet receive a fixed, guaranteed rate of income during their entire lifetime. A double purpose is thus achieved. The rate of return is normally computed as ten percent of an individual's age.

7. Bequests for the Lutheran Hour. Remember the Lutheran Hour in your will. Your bequest will bring the message of Christ's love to many souls through the most far reaching and most economical method of spreading the Gospel that the Lord has given us. For full information write to the Lutheran Hour headquarters, in care of Dr. Eugene R. Bertermann, Director of the Lutheran Hour, 3558 South Jefferson Avenue, Saint Louis 18, Missouri.

The following excerpts from letters show the happiness with which God blessed cheerful givers:

Wisconsin - It may interest you to know that I have gathered and forwarded to you, through the treasurer of our South Wisconsin District, memorial wreath contributions amounting to nearly $700. I find that this is a very appropriate way of contributing to the Lutheran Hour; at the same time it gives good publicity to the Lutheran Hour. Such memorial contributions are always announced in connection with the reading of the obituary at funeral services.

Texas - Enclosed is a check for $50.00 paid to the order of the Lutheran Hour. Take this money and use it to spread the Gospel to the world! By this gift I want to show my thanks and appreciation to my Lord and Savior for the crops He has given me this year again, and also for the gift of His Word and Gospel, for the salvation of our souls.

California - I enclose a check for $63.71, which is 10 percent of wages I earned in the last three months. Use it the best way you know how to bring God's Word to the world! The Lord has blessed me in so many ways, and I owe it to Him. May God bless the Lutheran Hour and all who are connected with it!

Kentucky - A thanksgiving service to the glory and praise of God was the object of the reunion of the descendants of Herman Henry Rullman on the farm purchased by him a century ago. In connection with the 100th-anniversary celebration a thankoffering was made, of which three fifths goes to the Lutheran Hour.

Illinois - Enclosed is a check for $36.00, which we collected as a thankoffering at our Israel family reunion. After a short business meeting the collection was taken up, and it was agreed to send the money to the Lutheran Hour.

Minnesota - We urge our pupils to ask others to tune in and hear the Lutheran Hour. We plan to promote a coin box collection this fall. We feel grateful for your endorsement of our Christian day-school system.

Wisconsin - The South Wisconsin Lutheran Laymen's League held its first retreat at Mount Morris, Wisconsin, a few days ago. It was announced that the offering would be for the Lutheran Hour. I am happy to remit the entire collection.

Pennsylvania - This check is the total of a number of smaller contributions donated by some of the children of our mission's Sunday school. We pray for the Lutheran Hour often, both in church and in the Sunday school devotions, and are trying our best to further Christ's cause in this way.

Nebraska - Our dear mother, at the age of eighty-five years, went home to her Savior. It was her joy to listen to your sermon on Sundays. We are sending the last of her tithe money, which amounts to $47.50.

Illinois - Enclosed you will find a check which we are happy to donate for the good cause of Bringing Christ to the Nations. My family gathered at my home on New Year's day, and we decided to take up an offering for the Lutheran Hour. May the Lord bless your work and give you courage to carry on to win souls for Christ!

Wisconsin - During a week-end visit at home, my mother, who listens to you regularly, asked that I listen, too. I did and was struck by what you told in your sermon this morning -- our country's greatest sin is probably its quest for gold. The enclosed check will help you carry on. You are giving our people the right basis for living.

Illinois - Since my release from the Navy as chaplain I have been doing graduate work at the University of Chicago and helping out the brethren of this city whenever I am called. Yesterday I filled the vacant pulpit at Saint John's in Hammond, Indiana, and was privileged to add one more soul to Christ's fold through Holy Baptism. The grateful parents insisted on giving me a gift. I, in turn, would like to hand it on to you in order that many more souls may be gained.

Minnesota - Please accept this check of $100.00 toward furthering your broadcast. We attended services at Faribault, Minnesota, last summer and heard you again. We decided that the best gesture toward missionary work would be to do it through your broadcasts. We have been blessed with a good crop this year, and I am glad we can do this.

Illinois - We are sending the enclosed money order for $100.00 in memory of our beloved husband and father, who died in the Lord. It was his wish to support the Lutheran Hour. He prayed for the continuance of Bringing Christ to the Nations and was especially thankful for the messages during his illness, when he was unable to attend his own church services.

Nebraska - Mr. and Mrs. --- of First Lutheran Church, Omaha, recently observed their golden wedding anniversary. The relatives contributed the enclosed sum in their honor and as a remembrance to the Lutheran Hour.

California - It has been a custom at our school to raise funds that will in a small way contribute to the work of extending God's kingdom on earth in the form of mission work and various missionary activities. Thus each Friday during the regular religious period, certain aspects of mission work, experiences of missionaries, stories about work being done in mission fields, are discussed and definite applications made to everyday living. Hence each Friday the children make individual gifts for the special mission collection basket. Please, then, accept this small gift of $30.00 from our school in helping to bring the less fortunate the blessed message of salvation through faith in Christ Jesus!

Alberta - I pray daily for the success and expansion of the Lutheran Hour broadcast and for the spiritual welfare of everyone contributing to its upkeep. I support it to the extent of a regular $5.00-a-month donation to Calgary. I am maintaining a billboard poster here at 107th Avenue and 97th Street. I believe the Lutheran Hour broadcasts are a blessing to mankind that is beyond computation.

District of Columbia - Enclosed is a $50.00 money order. I am giving it as a thankoffering. God has kept me from being perhaps permanently injured.

West Virginia - Our Lutheran League (a married couples club of our congregation), an active supporter of the Lutheran Hour, setting aside 20 per cent of its monthly membership dues for this purpose, passed a resolution in its monthly meeting last Friday evening to give additional support to the Lutheran Hour by sponsoring an advertisement in our local Friday morning and evening newspapers.

Wisconsin - I am enclosing a contribution to your noble work and pray it may continue to prosper. This gift is from my family and is part of the worldly goods with which our dear lord has seen fit to bless us in these prosperous times.

Maryland - Enclosed is a small contribution for the work of the Lutheran Hour. Our family has decided to send a monthly contribution for your broadcast, because we receive much benefit from it.


Daily we realize more clearly our complete indebtedness to the Almighty. Were it not for His gracious, guarding protection, which has repeatedly thwarted those who opposed the broadcast; had the Holy Spirit not opened the hearts of believers so that despite the fact that appeals for funds were banned from the chain broadcasts, they nevertheless contributed $1,000,000, or only $90,000 less than the total cost of broadcasting, the Lutheran Hour could not have become the worlds largest radio program. Again, if the divine Enlightener had not accompanied our Gospel messages and with His divine power used them to produce repentance, faith, and trust, we certainly could not have recorded the number of conversions and reconsecrations in various parts of the world which this fourteenth season brought. To Him, our true  and triune God, who used the Lutheran Hour to warn and comfort, instruct and guide, to cheer and sustain, convert and regenerate, we gratefully give all glory. So that we avoid all misunderstanding, we repeat, the startling progress and the steady growth recorded by our mission of the air comes not from man, emphatically not from the speaker, but from God.

However, the Lord mightily used men and women in promoting our broadcast, and we would appear ungrateful if we were not to express our gratitude to them.

First of all we acknowledge the help of the Lutheran Layman's League, its officers, and especially its operating committee in Saint Louis. The fact that the Lutheran Hour is a missionary project sponsored, conducted, and supported by the laymen of the Church, has always been a source of much personal encouragement. It shows the astonishing contribution which loyal, Christ-dedicated church members can make to the Kingdom.

We are similarly grateful for the co-operation of pastors and Christian day school teachers. We know from our correspondence that many hundreds of these men, busy in their tireless work for the Savior, have still found time vigorously to promote our cause. God bless these servants of Christ for their generous service!

For their help in the actual broadcast itself I am indebted to the Reverend Elmer J. Knoernschild, the Lutheran Hour announcer, Professor Louis J. Menking, the transcription announcer, and almost a dozen others who introduce the foreign-language programs. Our special thanks go out to the Lutheran Hour chorus and its director, Bernhard Kurzweg. Sunday after Sunday these young men were happy to sing the great Redeemer's glories, and at the end of the school year to make an extensive concert tour, in which they met thousands of listeners.

Gratefully we acknowledge the generous services of local choruses, which often furnished the musical background for programs originating outside Saint Louis. None of the singers who appear on the Lutheran Hour broadcasts accept pay for their services.

The summer guest speakers, more in number this season than ever before, since my services as a consultant to the United States Military Government in Germany began at the end of April, should receive our assurance of warm thanks. The Reverend Armin Oldsen, the Reverend Doctor Eugene R. Bertermann, the Reverend Professor Martin J. Neeb, the Reverend Doctor John W. Behnken, the Reverend E. T. Bernthal, the Reverend Henry Hartner, and the Reverend Doctor L. Meyer, who broadcast during the summer months, all testifies tellingly to the Lord. God bless them!

The Lutheran Hour also owes much to the individuals and organizations who have supervised the almost unnumbered details of recording, advertising, and answering the correspondence. We acknowledge publicly the many considerations shown us by the World Broadcasting Company's Chicago office, William Coelman Hutchings, manager. The Lutheran Hour accounts in this country were handled by the Gotham Advertising Company, under the special direction of Arthur A. Kron, and in most foreign countries by the Pan-American Broadcasting Company, Eugene Bernald, president. Their intrest and co-operation have gone far beyond the requirements of our contracts. The Lutheran Hour office, with some eighty workers, was directed by Wilbur H. Wiese, office manager. To him and his entire staff we say a hearty "Thank you," as we pray divine benediction upon them.

The Lutheran Hour is the Mutual Broadcasting Company's oldest account, and we appreciate the co-operation its high officials have regularly given the Lutheran Hour, particularly the technical advise given us by MBS officials.

Year after year Miss Harriet E. Schwenk has helped make the manuscript ready for the printer and, supervising my office, assisted the broadcast in many ways. Dr. Paul Bretscher read each manuscript before delivery and Dr. William Arndt each message before printing. Mrs. Bernhard Keiser and Miss Lucille Biehl have regularly given of their time, without compensation, to assist in the preparation for the messages and in answering some of the personal correspondence. Miss Mathilde Buscher has every week broken a crowded schedule to take the dictation required for Sunday's message. To all these I express my deep and sincere indebtedness.

Again I owe underscored thanks to my wife, who, whether at home on the Seminary campus or traveling to and from the many Lutheran Hour rallies throughout the country, has given such help that without her I could not have met the constant demands of broadcasting a program as immense as the Lutheran Hour. Her unfailing assistance illustrates the truth of Proverbs 18:22, and the second half of 19:14.

As I thank the unnumbered thousands who have given and prayed and spoken for the broadcast, I am happy to issue this eighteenth volume of Lutheran Hour sermons as part of a program to give the messages more permanent form. While flying across the Atlantic to Germany on the United States Army plane and returning by air I spent much of the time in preparing these pages for print. We trust that our readers will generously overlook any shortcomings, and pray our true, Triune God to use this book for the same end we seek in each broadcast, the salvation of precious souls, for whom Christ, the Son of God, shed His blood, died, and rose again.

To emphasize both the purpose and scope of our radio mission I have called the present volume "Global Broadcasts of His Grace." Looking out on a world crowded with intrigue, calloused to the cries of agony that rise from hungry, enslaved masses, boastful of its rebellion against God, I see with constantly clearer conviction that the only hope of the United States, as, indeed, the rest of the globe, the one guarantee of God's blessing on our country, our churches, our families, our souls, lies in the simple and sincere acceptance of divine grace in Jesus Christ, His Son, our Savior. May these pages help every reader grow in that glorious grace!

Walter Arthur Maier

The Festival of Pentecost, 1949

"This Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations." Saint Matthew 24:14



As you read these testimonies I trust that you saw in them the evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit upon the ministry of Dr. Walter A. Maier. Through his preaching thousands of souls were brought to faith in Christ. Those who had drifted away were called back to the fold. People who were previously indifferent to Christianity would stumble upon the broadcast and become regular listeners. Many would invite their neighbors to listen to the broadcast with them. Entire families, and even villages, would look forward to the broadcast each week. I was only four years old when I first heard him preach, but I have never forgotten how his words gripped my heart as I listened. Yes, his broadcasts did generate excitement, but it was not the carnal excitement of the whoop and holler crowd, instead it was a deep spiritual excitement. The kind of excitement that made people want to study their Bible, look forward to each broadcast, and tell others about the broadcast.

Through the preaching of Dr. Walter A. Maier the Lutheran Hour grew from a broadcast heard over one radio station to a broadcast heard worldwide over twelve hundred radio stations. [Where it remains today, a testimony to the difference between Philadelphia and Laodice.] The following letter reveals the effect of his ministry upon local congregations.

"Not to praise this radio program -- for nothing could be cheaper and more unworthy of heaven's grace -- but to praise God from whom all broadcast blessings flow, I share with you this portion of a letter from a Detroit pastor: 'I want you to know that as a result of your broadcast we confirmed (this means to, received into membership after careful instruction, often after baptism) 107 adults in 1946, and 127 in 1947. Almost all these people were brought to Christ through the . . . messages of your broadcast.' " (Pentecost Power for You, 1948)

That letter should tell you why Dr. Walter A. Maier's broadcast is credited with the upswing in church attendance during the nineteen forties and fifties. What was his secret? I will let him tell you in his own words.

"When Luther undertook the Reformation of the Church and his eyes were opened to the fact that in Christ alone, but in Him completely, every believer has the forgiveness of his sins, it became his all-consuming object in life to exalt the atoning Savior, to preach the crucified, sin-destroying Christ, the risen, life- bestowing Redeemer; and because he humbly dedicated his marvelous mentality and tireless energies to teach Christ, preach Christ, exalt Christ, write Christ, sing Christ, love Christ, live Christ, always as God's Son and the world's Savior, there was not enough power on earth or in hell, among men and devils, to restrain his work. Nor can the churches today ever hope to be used of the Spirit in saving men's souls unless they, too, concentrate their efforts on Jesus." (O God Cleanse Our Churches, 1943)

"Build the churches on Jesus as the foundation of faith; cleanse God's temples of all money-changers, twentieth-century Pharisees and Sadducees; let the pulpits of our country resound with the invitation of grace, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved;" give us preachers determined to proclaim nothing but the Gospel, to explain nothing but the Bible, to acclaim no other Savior than Christ, and our churches will help produce the true revival and the return to the Almighty which America sorely needs today." (You Too Should be a Fundamentalist, 1949